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What training do you need to become a soccer coach?

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You usually don't need any education to be a soccer coach, you should have expierience in soccer though. If you want to coach a bigger organization, there is probably a training process

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you need to play soccer a few years and know how the sport of soccer is played and how it works.

You need coaching certificates and need to be good . Better teams will get you.

You need to have a lot of skill, training, and you need to be really good.

youll need to be certified and be a people person;)

There is no special training or certifications needed to be a football coach. The only thing that is needed is a knowledge of the game and a company that will hire you.

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There is no particular course or degree available to become a life coach. Instead, you need to be able to counsel people on various life issues, including business, finances, health and more.

About 3 years but it would depend on the course you chose.

You need some leadership training and it significantly helps if youre a former player, but overall you just need to have charisma and great knowledge for the game. No specific requirements of note.

Yes u do need a certain degree to coach soccer.

To be a soccer coach you need to go to the league foundation and try for any team you want in that league but first you need to work hard for that and train well. By-David Navarrete

you can become a professional soccer player by training hard and doing what you need to do but most importantly if you train hard and work hard at the soccer games you will cost more to join a team and you will get a lot of $

You should have some on the job training, and you need to become certified with the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors or the USASF

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A soccer coach is a person that tells the players the plan of the game and the positions they are playing. they also tell you if you need a rest or if you are playing. the coaches are the ones that makes substitutions.

Basically all the training you need is practice. You also need a good coach to show you different strategies, how to get power, etc. Practice a lot and pay tons of attention to the tips your coach give you.

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good skills. You need well control of the ball, Cuase if you can't control the ball as a coach then how do you expect for your kids to know to.

No, degree as such. What all coaches do, is their coaching badges. If you are at grass roots level these are easily achieved, and from there, you work your way up.

The training you have to do to be a soccer player is not easy.You must do much. First, you should practice diffrent moves every day if you want to get any better. You must also not give up and stop just because you are tired. You need to work hard and be a good team player. That is not exactly training but you must do it if you want to become really good.

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