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4L60/E l

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Q: What transmission came in the 2002 43L s-10?
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Will 1996 Chevy s10 transmission fit in a 2002 s10?


What transmission came in a 1989 s10 4.3?


Were is the transmission drain plug on a 2002 s10?

Standard or automatic?

How do you check transmission fluid in 2002 Chevy s10?

with a dipstick

Will a 1985 305 bolt up to a 1991 5 speed S10 transmission?

depends..if the tranny came out of an s10 with 4.3 yes..if it came out of an s10 wih a 4cyl. probably not..

What transmission came in a 1999 s10 blazer?

Probably the 700R4

How many transmission mount does a Chevy S10 zr2 2002 have?


Will a 5 speed manual transmission from s10 bolt to a 327 engine?

If the tranny came off the v6 s10

What transmission fits a 1998 zr2 s10?

The 4l60e came in the zr2.

Will an Automatic transmission from an 1992 Chevy S10 4x4 fit an 2002 Chevy S10 4x4?

no GM changed the cases

What type of transmission came in a 1990 s10 4.3 v6?

auto is 700r4

Will a 2003 s10 Chevy Blazer transmission fit a 2002 Chevy Blazer?


What transmission came in a Chevy s10 4.3L 2wd automatic?

4L60E, (the electric decendant of the 700R4 and TH400)

What size Allen wrench do you need to change oil on a 2002 Chevy s10 manual transmission?

17 mm

Carburetor componets on 2002 Chevrolet s10?

The 2002 Chevrolet S10 was fuel injected.

What transmission goes in a 92 s10 blazer?

4l60e i got a 92 chevy blazer with the w engine it came with a 700 R

Will a transmission from a 1997 s10 4x4 fit a 1999 s10 4x4?


Is a 1995 Chevy s10 transmission compatible with a 1996 Chevy S10?


Will a transmission out of a 1995 s10 blazer fit a 2000 s10 blazer?


Will a 2002 2.2 S10 engine work in a 1999 S10?

yea 1998 to 2002 are da same

What transmission is in 1994 s10 with a 2.2 liter engine?

4L60E transmission.

Where is the fuel filter located on 2002 Chevy s10 extreme?

It is up in the frame rail on the driver side, close to the transmission cross member.

Where is the neutral safety switch located on A 2002 CHevy S10?

If it's a manual transmission then it should be on the firewall right behind the clutch pedal.

What year transmission will interchange in a 2002 S10 Blazer?

The S10 nomenclature was dropped after 1994... from that point on, it was just known as the Blazer, while the K5 was dropped and replaced by the Tahoe.Answering your question, that vehicle will have a 4L60E auto transmission... any 4L60E from 1993 to present will work, so long as it matches the vehicle drive (e.g., 2WD transmission for 2WD vehicle, 4WD transmission for 4WD vehicle).

Will a 4x4 transmission from a 93 s10 fit a97 s10 that is not 4 wheel drive?