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Manual tranny........... NP 435

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Q: What transmission will bolt up to a 1985 Ford F 350 with a 460 motor?
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Will a Ford F-250 352 motor bolt to a transmission for 351 motor?

no different bell housing

Are the transmission form the 4.0 ford motors the same bolt pattern as the 2.9 motor and will it work?

No, not the same.

What motor will swap with a 5.0 on a 1995 ford f150 and still bolt up to the transmission?

The 300 I6 as well as the 351 V8 will bolt up to the transmission with no issues. However, the 300I6 will require the motor mounts to be relocated.

Will aTransmission from a1996 Ford Ranger fit a1998 Ford Ranger?

It mostly depends upon the motor that is in your vehicle and the motor in the vehicle in which you are removing the transmission from. It should work as long as they are removed from the same motors. The transmission on a 4cyl will not bolt to a 6cyl.

Will a 5 L motor bolt right up to a 1991 ford mustang 5 speed tranny?

It should bolt right up to a T-5 transmission.

Will a Ford c6 transmission that bolted to a Ford 390 bolt to a Ford 460?


Will a 400 transmission bolt on a 283 Chevy motor?


Will a Chevy 700R transmission bolt on a 283 motor?


Will a dodge Dakota v6 transmission bolt to a 5.9 motor?


How do you add transmission fluid to 1985 ford f150?

The 1985 with an automatic transmission has a dip stick close to the fire wall. using a funnel, fluid is added through the dip stick tube. In a manual transmission there is a plug on the drivers side of the transmission. The plug is removed and fluid is added through the bolt hole.

How do you change motor mount on 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

The 1994 Ford Thunderbird motor mounts are secured with a bolt and nut running through the middle of the motor mount. Loosen the nut and pull the bolt out.

Will a Chevy 700r -4 transmission bolt on a 283 motor?


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