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I know it's old but I am just cioming across this and would like to include that my 1969 international uses a T-18 nd my 1974 uses a T-407 which is bassically a 727 with a few differences to the bellhousing and shafts

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Jarod Biberdorf

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โˆ™ 2020-01-21 15:30:30
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I believe they used a torqueflight 727 for the automatic, and a t-19 in wide range and close range versions.

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Q: What transmission will fit a 345 international scout engine?
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Where can you find tune up information for 1972 international harvester scout with 345 engine?

Chiltons manual

What are the cilinder numbers for an international scout 345 engine?

From front to rear, drivers side1,3,5,7 passenger side 2,4,6,8

International Scout 345 timing?

its timed off number 8

How many horsepower does a 345 international engine have?

A lot!

What automatic fits 354 international engine?

Do you mean 345 ?

What cylinder to set time off of on a 1976 International 345 engine?


What gas engine does a 1966 international 1600 load star have?

My 66 has a naturally aspirated 345 International v8

What is the spark plug gap setting for a 1972 International 1600 with a 345 engine?


How do you time a 345 international?


What engine was in the 1972 scout 2?

4 cyl = 196cid 6cyl = 232 cid 6cyl = 258 cid 8cyl = 304 cid 8cyl = 345 cid

What is the firing order for 345 cubic inch International engine?

I found 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 when I located a chart at; what side of the motor is number one piston on this 345 international ?

What is the timing on a 345 international?

We do not know. Please help us!

What is the firing order for international 345?

18436572 is the firing order.

Which side of the motor is number one on when replacing the distributor cap on a 345 cubic inch international engine?

Number one is the front of the engine, drivers side. But you need to time the motor from no. 8.

Distributor cap diagram 345 international?

You can get a distributor cap diagram on a 345 International from your local auto parts store. You can also find one at the library in the auto repair section.

What is point dwell setting on 1967 international 345?

30 degrees

Do International Harvester 345 v8 engines have timing chains?

345's don't have a timing chain, cam is gear driven.

Year that International truck 345 was produced?

I have info on the 345 from 1971 through 1978 before and after I'm not sure. Hope this helps.

What engine came in a 1965 international harvester d 1200?

A couple different options were available. V8's were 304 and 345. 196 slant 4 was also available.

How many cubic inches in a 5.7 dodge engine?

345 cu in.

What is the Oil capacity for international 345?

5 Quarts + 1 for the oilfilter ( 6 total)

How much horsepower does a 2003 dodge 5.7 liter hemi engine have?


What is 345?

345 = 345

Where is number 1 start on the distributor of 345 scout?

I owned a 1978 scout with the 345 V8. #1 cylinder is the 1st plug and wire on the right bank, as on the Chevy V8. Follow it back to the distributor. Right bank is 1-3-5-7, left bank is 2-4-6-8. 18436572 is the firing order.

What is 345 in standard form?

345 = 3.45 × 10²