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What trees live in the tundra?

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The Birch Tree, The Dwarf cedar.

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What plants cant live in the tundra?

oak trees

What is in the tundra?

Reindeer live in the tundra, lichen is a type of plant in the tundra, there are dwarf trees in the tundra, there are small-leafed shrubs, there are mountain goats in the tundra, there are sheep in the tundra, there are elk in the tundra, caribou live in the tundra, arctic hares (rabbits) live in the tundra, arctic foxes live in the tundra, wolves live in the tundra, polar bears live in the tundra, ........................................If you need any more information on the tundra.........just ask....I did a report on it when I was in the 5th grade....I know a lot about the tundra.

Do dwarf trees live in the tundra?

Yes, Dwarf trees do live in the Tundra. Dwarf trees are the tallest plant in the Tundra growing up to 5 cm tall. Tiny! The harsh winds and freezing weather conditions make it impossible for anything taller to grow.

Why cant palm trees live in the tundra?

palm trees are for hot ares

Why do large trees have a difficult time living in a tundra?

animals that live in a tundra destoy most vegetation

What plants live in tundra?

Shrubs,sedges,grasses,mosses,and lichens.Scattered trees grow in some tundra.

What kind of trees live in tundra?

Tundra is defined as a treeless ecosystem because of its low temperature, but dwarf shrubs and trees do grow in tundra climates. Other types of vegetation include: grass, moss, and lichens.

What animals and plants live in the alpine tundra and how do they survive?

small shrubs and little trees live in the alpine tundra and the animals that live there are bears, eagles, and possibly owls. hope that helps!

What are the tundra biome trees?


What type of trees are in the arctic tundra?

pine trees are the main tree in the arctic tundra

How long can Lichens live?

Lichens are algae like structures that grow on trees in the tundra. They can live up to hundreds of years.

Is there penguins in the taiga?

Taigas have snows and coniferous trees. What you are thinking of is an arctic tundra which is where penguins live .

Do kangaroos live in the tundra?

Kangaroos do not live in the tundra. They are native to Australia, and Australia does not have any tundra regions.

Does a koala live in the tundra?

No, koalas do not live in the tundra. Koalas require eucalyptus bushland in temperate or sub-tropical zones of eastern Australia. Tundra is too cold. Australia's only tundra is on Mt Kosciuszko and nearby high country, which does not support the eucalyptus trees koalas need for their survival.

What is the Arctic tundra?

The artic Tundra is a biome where animals live in. I'm not sure if people live there. I know that it is located in Alaska, and Canadaa cold,dry region near Artic Ocean where no trees grow?

What are some abiotic and biotic factors that affect the tundra?

Some biotic factors of a tundra are grass and trees! Some biotic factors of a tundra are grass and trees!

What kinds of plants and animals live in tundra?

animal- red taied foxes plants- moss and trees

What makes tundra different from other habitats?

It is the largest biome on earth.It is also the coldest.Few trees live there.

Do snakes live in the tundra?

no, no snakes live in the tundra

Do tigers live in the tundra?

no tigers do not live in the tundra

Why are there no trees in the tundra?

There are no trees because the tundra is too windy it would knock the trees over and in some places it is too cold and the tundra has a thing called permafrost which is a frozen layer underneath the the soil that prevents the trees to grow there because of their roots.

Does a caridou live in the tundra?

do you mean caribou? then it does live in the tundra to be specific the artic tundra.

What kind if trees are in the tundra biome?

none Trees cannot take root in tundra biomes because of the existence of permafrost.

Why are there no tall trees in the tundra?

because the tundra is too windy it would knock the trees over and in somplaces it is too cold

Do coniferous trees grow in the taiga or tundra?

Coniferous trees usually grow in the taiga, but the dwarf widow can grow in the tundra.

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