Sitting Bull

What tribe was Sitting Bull chief of?

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What tribe was Chief Sitting Bull from?

Sitting Bull was apart of the Sioux Tribe.

What tribe had Sitting Bull as it's Chief?

The Sioux tribe :P

What is the sitting bull famous for?

He was the chief for an Indian tribe.

Sitting bull was a chief of which native American nation?

the sioux tribe

Chief Sitting Bull was a member of what native American tribe?


Who were Crazy Horse georonimo and sitting bull?

Geronimo was an Apache war chief. Crazy Horse was a war chief of the Oglala Sioux, or Lakota. Sitting Bull was a chief and shaman of the Hunkpapa Lakota tribe.

What tribe was sitting bull in first?

Sitting Bull was in the Sioux tribe before he became cheif of the hunkpapa tribe

Was Sitting Bull a chief?

Yes. Many looked up to chief Sitting Bull.

What tribe was the sitting bull a part of?

Sitting Bull was part of the Sioux (soo) tribe of American natives.

What tribe was Sitting Bull in?

the hunkapapa tribe

Who is the Sioux Indian chief who resisted government demands For his tribe to leave the Black Hills?

Sitting Bull

Which Indian tribe did Sitting Bull be long to?

sitting bull belonged to the Sioux

What tribe did sitting bull belong to?

the sioux tribe

What date was chief sitting bull born at?

what date was sitting bull born on

What tribe is sitting bull from?


Was chief Sitting Bull from inda?

no. chief Sitting Bull lived along the Grand River which is now South Dakota

Was sitting bull the chief or was crazy horse?

No it sitting bull and crazy horse were not the leaders.

How many kids did chief sitting bull have?

sitting bull hade 3 kids

What achievements did sitting bull have?

siting bull was chief of his tribe who was a warrior and was good at hiding and overthrowing the us military. still bull refrused to go by whiteman law. sitting bll had respect from the usa army. sitting bull led his people to safe spots and also escaped to canada to protect his tribe. sitting bull surrendered into to allow is tribe a better future for all generations. sitting bull was never scared and thus chewed his own shin to relrease himself from the chains on hi s rist, so he could escapte. there was no way sitting bull would be left do die in prison.

Who was chief red bull native American?

Chief Sitting Bull was Chief of the Hunk-Papa Souix.

What year did sitting bull die?

Chief Sitting Bull died on 15 December 1890.

Who led the Sioux tribe at the battle of little big horn?

Chief Sitting Bull (Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake).

Is sitting bull a bull?

No, he was a famous Lakota Indian chief in the 1800s.

What tribe was sitting bull from?

He was from the Lakata or tenton Sioux tribe in the hunkpapa family.

What was sitting bulls job?

Sitting Bull was a spiritual leader of the Hunkpapa tribe of the Lakota Sioux Nation. He was not a true war chief, as were Crazy Horse, Gall, Low Dog, and others.

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