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The Teton Sioux and the Shoshone

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Q: What tribes did Lewis and Clark meet?
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Related questions

Did Lewis and Clark meet the tribes peacefully?

yes it went fine.

How were Lewis and Clark treated by the native tribes?

The Native Americans welcomed and assisted Lewis and Clark.

What kind of people did Lewis and Clark meet?

Lewis and Clark met indians

How did Meriwether Lewis and William Clark meet?

Lewis&Clark met while in the army.

Who did Lewis and Clark meet on their trip?

Sacagawea. She helped them navigate through the west. They also encountered various Native American Tribes.

Who did Lewis and Clark meet on there exploration?


Who encountered Lewis and Clark?

Sacajawea encountered Lewis and Clark during their expedition through the wilderness of North America. Also encountered by Lewis and Clark were a variety of Native American tribes.

Did Lewis and clark meet the kansa Indians?


What were the friendly tribes to Lewis and Clark?

The Yankton Sioux Tribe

How many Native American tribes did Lewis and Clark see?


What were the interactions with the native american tribes with Lewis and clark like?


What animals did Lewis and Clark found?

Lewis and clark found 300 Species unknown to Science, nearly 50 indian tribes, and the Rockies

Where was Lewis and clark's winter camp?

In Camp Wood, Fort Catosp and Fort Mandan were some tribes Lewis and Clark stayed with for the winter?

What were 3 tribes Lewis and Clark discovered?

Well they came across the Hidatsa, the Shoshone, and the Mandan tribes

Which tribes were a help to Lewis and clark?

the Nez Perce, Shosone, and the Chinook i think

What is the two tribes from Lewis and Clark of the pacific northwest?

i love justin bieber

What was Sacajawea famuos for?

helping lewis and clark by translating with other indian tribes.

What expedition was instrumental in opening trade with western tribes?

The Lewis and Clark Expedition .

What year did Sacagawea meet lewis and clark?

november 1804

When did Lewis and Clark meet the Teton Sioux natives?

in 1809

What tribe Lewis and clark meet?

The Shoshone, which Sacagawea was originally from.

When did Lewis and clark meet the minnetarees?

march 9 1805

Who did sacagawea meet by accident?

She met Lewis and Clark by accident

Were did Lewis and clark meet each other?

By sex in a club

What Indian guide did Lewis and clark meet?

thomas jefferson