What trick did Samson play on the Philistines?

Samson did several things to the Philistines. The Book of Judges tells the story of Samson. See Judges 13:24 though 16:30. Not so much a trick but a riddle. Samson promised thirty linen garments and thirty changes of clothes for anyone who could figure it out wihin seven days of the marriage feast that was being held. Then he asked, "Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet." The Philistines couldn't get it right at all. So then they went to Samson's wife and begged her to get the answer from him. Samson gave her the answer, she went to the Philistines and they told him the answer from his wife. That's when he became very angry and killed thirty men to keep his word. But as in the bible he left that "heifer".