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What triggers rheumatoid arthritis flare ups?


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January 10, 2010 9:27AM

I have had RA for 11 years and the things that trigger flare ups for me and the people I know that also have RA are: being too active, not resting enough, doing strenuous activities and exercise, a flu or cold and stress.

I agree with all of the above, however would add that all of these are excess stress to the body. Exercise is extremely important, we must learn our limits which are ever changing.

Other things that trigger RA flare ups would be eatting any food that your particular body is intollerant to, with an intollerance being much different than an allergy. An intollerance is simply any food that causes disruption in the digestive system. For further information on diet you might read

Also, emotional distress is a huge factor and this can be addressed using Meditation or a method called Emotion Freedom Techniques, or Meridian Tapping Techniques.

Treating RA is complicated because it is an auto immune disorder that people confuse with a disease of joint pain. The joint paid is simply a symptom of the disease. Nurture the immune system and the joints will thank you.