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What turns boys off about girls?

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It depends on what he looking for. If hes looking for a girl with a shape and nice style then that's the girl he going to go for or if he like the shy ones with a great personality then that's who he going to pick. The boy goes by the way the girl acts so if you want to be fast then hes going to think of you was being the nasty type; if you show yourself as being funny respectful and caring you will be treated that way.

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Arrogance, moodiness, insecurity, jealousy, and over-shyness are qualities that really turn guys off.

This is coming from a 15 yr old so I don't know if it applies to you depending on your age, but show the guy you like them without taking it overboard, some girls are over-excited too and I think that really turns guys off, at least it does for me if they don't leave the guy alone or jsut leave time jsut to enjoy each others company rather than always poking and prodding for attention or being really loud.... hope that helps :)

2011-05-29 09:26:34
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