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ed sullivan, and jack benny

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Q: What tv shows did Wayne newton sing danke schoen?
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Is Wayne newton a woman?

Yes. I knew him in the 70's and he clearly was going through treatments (had to, his singing voice in his younger years was very high) I was told he was going through the treatments. One of those things where a person is born and feels he is in the wrong body. He always identified as a male and that is how he has lived his life.

In the film the hangover how did Phil get hurt and have to go to the hospital?

In the last scene of the movie, Phil asks Alan if the pictures show how he ended up in the hospital. Alan said yes. So if you look carefully during the credits, you'll see that before the pictures of Phil in the hospital, are him and Wayne Newton getting into a fight. So basically Phil got his a** kicked by Wayne Newton. Hope this helps! - Depplover456 Phil didnt get in the fight with Wayne newton, stu did and it shows him knocking Wayne out, so Wayne wouldn't've been able to put him in the hospital. Im sick of people saying it was Phil, when you obviously see stu gettin in the fight.

Who came up with the idea of agricultural shows?

isaac newton

His name is synonymous with Las Vegas as a matter of fact he is called Mr Las Vegas Who is he?

Wayne Newton is also know as Mr. Las Vegas. He performed over 30,000 shows in Las Vegas, earning him the nickname Mr. Las Vegas.

Has Lil Wayne appeared in any tv shows?

Yess, he sure has. (:

What is Isaac Newton favorite TV shows?

Tv wasn't invented back then

How old was wayne newton bonanza?

Well, its kinda complicated. The easy answer is its just years of strain. Working so much, plus in venus where smoking was the norm, took its toll. Also remember after Elvis dies, Newton took on the role as Mr. Las Vegas which meant taking over Elvis' old digs at the LV Hilton, performing two shows a night, 6 or 7 nights a week, for 7 years straight. Part of it may be his style of singing as well; never taking lessons, he may have been singing "wrong" all these years to where he has just flat-out worn out his vocal chords. This may have been the price he has paid for singing so well for so many years in his distintive voice. As Newton has said himself, even Sinatra wasn't singing the same way later in life. Lastly, the man suffered from aesthma and respitory issues. Combine all of this and you get how he sounds today. Still, he is a super entertainer.

Who was a contemporary of Wayne newton?

The closest was Bobby Darin, though in reality, NO ONE. When Newton bursed onto the scene in 1963, no one his age was doing his type of music especially in his live shows as he was prone to do Tin Pan Alley music with an updated, swinging' arrangement. Everyone else his age was doing R&R, or were much older, hence Darin. Later in the 70's Newton's song became modern and hip, putting him more in line with Elvis, but again, the age gap held newton in his own right, where he stands today.

Who owned the mirthmobile in Wayne's World?

The street hockey scene shows the mirthmobile parked outside Wayne's house.

What shows have Dave Chappelle and Wayne Brady both appeared on?

Wayne Brady guest appeared on Dave Chapelle's show. He did a sketch called Dave's night out with Wayne Brady, which was received very well audiences. Wayne Brady and David Chapelle both have had very successful careers in the comedy field.

What is the use of newton's color disk?

isaac newton's colour disk shows that white light isn't really,it is a mixture of seven colours that are violet,indigo,blue,green,yellow,orange and red.

Contributions of Newton?

Newton unlocked the key to change - force, and created a way to describe change calculus. ! Change is the key to creation and the key to change is force. Newton's 1st Law is No force, no change. This Law is fundamental to the operation of the Universe. Gravity is the one example that shows the universal scope of force. No force, no evolution. Newton's contributions are of the first order and unmatched.