What tv shows do teens watch?

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ok so I'm a teen I'm 14 years old, my favorite shows are........

I love full house (ok i know a little babyish but i have loved this show since i was a baby!

Pretty little liars (don't you just love Spencer omg she is the best)

CSI Miami (Its getting so good)



This might be babyish but i love house of Anubis
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Watch tv shows online?

Some good web sites are TV shack and YouTube (sometimes). I use all of these sites and watch the episodes before they even come out where I live! It's really good. And they even teach you how to bypass the 72 minute MegaVideo limit! Don't worry you don't have to sign up for an account or do any s ( Full Answer )

What is the most watched TV show?

It entirely depends on which television season & even countryyou're inquiring about. For instance in America during the 2016-2017 Fall season, notcounting sports programming, The Big Bang Theory was the mostwatched show in America. Ratings numbers for other countries arenot readily available. - If b ( Full Answer )

List of TV shows for teens in 1990?

There were quite a few TV shows geared toward teens in the 1990s.The list includes The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, Charmed, BoyMeets World, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Dawson's Creek, Dexter's Laboratory, Saved by the Bell, andGoosebumps.

What percentage of teens watch TV daily?

It's around 96%. This is an estimate of course - any statistic like this is based on random sampling, which may or may not be accurate depending on how the sample was selected. This number is actually for tweens / early teens (unfortunately it was the best I could do..) The percentage drops a lit ( Full Answer )

How much tv do teens watch?

Some teens watch 6 or 7 hours of TV, from the time they get home from school, to the time they go to bed.. In some households, wise parents limit the amount of TV their teen is permitted to watch, so this amount of time varies widely.

Where can you watch tv shows?

You can watch TV shows on a television. If you have cable, you willhave more choices than just network TV. You can also watch TV showson a computer or smartphone if you have Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime, or other such services.

What is the least watched TV show?

i dont know it depends on what people like if you dont know why did you answer? the answer is "easy money" if you go from stats

Worlds most watched tv show?

M*A*S*H: Goodbye, Farell & Amen is tue most watched thing on tv, with 1925 million views.

Where can you watch uncensored tv shows?

Uncensored TV shows or uncensored versions of shows are availableon the Internet and a variety of streaming options (Netflix, Hulu,various Roku channels) Access will depend on which region of theworld the TV show was originally broadcast and the distributionchannel.)

Where can you watch the TV show 'Friends'?

E4 Channel 4 E4 + 1 Channel 4 +1 yes and heres some info: . Ok so friends began in 1994, before i was born in fact but i dont care! Because i have been watching since i was born just because my dad has watched like every episode since 1994 and things! If Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox or Lisa ( Full Answer )

Should teens watch TV news?

ABSOLUTELY! If for no other reason than to learn about internet predators. There is a lot of news that applies to teens that just might mature them a bit earlier than worrying about what someone texted about them to their boyfriend's brother's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend. There have been news ar ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular TV shows for teens?

Naturally these will change over time but from what can be gathered from Internet searching, the following are the most popular as of now (02|2013) How official this list is suspect so take it with a grain of salt since Nielsen ratings don't really separate teen viewing habits from their regular ra ( Full Answer )

Does watching tv encourage teens behavior?

Spoiling a child may cause a bad behavior, and they could and maybe just act a little different each day because they are picking up different behaviors on the TV, and will try them on their friends or somebody else .

Where can i watch 90s tv shows?

Teen Nick is good place to watch TV shows from the 90's. You canalso watch TV Land and Nick at Nite for other classic 90's TVshows.

What is the best website to watch TV shows?

I tried many wesites to watch tv shows and ended up very frustrated, then I found http://faststreamtv.com/?show=Lost to watch different tv shows just change the name of the show you want to watch. Answer The best website is www.tvguide.com it is awesome. When you go there you'll see a bar ( Full Answer )

How does a teen get in a tv show or movie?

Like all people, put down an application and mail/email to the producer of an upcoming movie or exsisting TV show, and they will give you a response, normally no, unless they're looking for someone. W907

What kind of tv show is relaxing to watch?

A comedy television show is relaxing to watch or a show that is light-hearted and not action packed. A good TV show that is relaxing to watch may be "The Golden Girls" or a Cooking show. It really depends on what you enjoy. I do not recommend scary shows or action shows.

What is the most watched reality TV show?

I heard on the radio that the first show of 2006 American Idol was the most watched television show since the series finale of Friends in 2004.

Where can you watch Korean TV Shows?

Well, if you live in Korea, you can of course just watch it on television, but my suggestions are all for when you live outside of Korea in places like America or Canada, etc. First, you can find some on Youtube, usually broken up into ten minute pieces. It is sometimes frustrating to find al ( Full Answer )

How long do teens watch tv a day?

Studies have been done that have shown that teens do not watch asmuch television as you would think. This is due to technology. Onaverage, a teen watches television 2 hours a day.

Where to watch The Office TV Show?

I used to watch The office TV Show from here http://download-the-office.sequd.com/ . You can also watch it from here as well. This one is the best source to watch this show

Where can you watch LOST TV show?

You can watch it on Hulu. It has a lot of the episodes from Seasons 1-6, and Hulu has great quality. I always watch Lost on their. I like watching Lost on T.V. when they used to put it on ABC, but now since it has ended, they don't put the episodes on television anymore. All 6 seasons of lost are ( Full Answer )

How do you watch tv shows in the internet?

Today all major networks make their shows available online. You can go directly to CBS.com, ABC.com, NBC.com, cwtv.com, Fox.com, MTV.com, VH1.com, ESPN.com, abcfamily.com... Instead of going to each site individually, you can also try sites like hulu.com, fancast.com or reewatch.com, which bring con ( Full Answer )

What is the best show to watch on tv?

the office loveanime says: not only office it sucks, what about.... Chuck,Supernatural,Amazing race 15, the simpsons, family guy, south park, life unexpected, gossip girl, 90210, survivor heroes vs villans, wwe, 24, bones and more

Why do people watch crime tv shows?

idk there are no good answers on here. i wish i could figure it out. like soon because i have A PROJECT TO DO

What TV shows do goths watch?

True Goths do not have time for the plays on the television. We are too busy sacking Rome.

What is a cool tv show to watch?

Batman Beyond is. It is on the Hub. It is totally sweet! I love the action it has in it. And parents, Batman Beyond is animated, no cuss words, and it encourages people to do good things, like become a super hero and help people. It is awesome. Batman saves everyone. It is totally AWESOME.

Can you watch tv shows on iPad?

Yes, you can watch tv shows on iPad, but they are not free. You either have to: . rent/buy movies on iTunes . play a tv show on youtube . or watch on hulu, but you can't get hulu on safari, you have to get the hulu application

Can you hook iPad to TV to watch TV shows?

Yes, if you are into sports. You just have to go to the app store and search ESPN for live TV. They have all kinds of varieties of sports. The best part is the app does not cost any money. It is FREE!

Is the TV show Flashpoint a good TV show to watch?

CBS's Flashpoint TV Show. Well, in my opinion Flashpoint is a pretty good TV show. Flashpoint is a SWAT Team TV show. It is a summer show, which aires on CBS. Yes, i would recommend this show to other people who are interested in Police type shows, Crime shows, or if you like watching people using ( Full Answer )

What are good tv shows to watch?

Some of my favourites are: the big bang theory how i met your mother the vampire diaries gossip girl the nine lives of chloe king life unexpected the secret life of the american teenager merlin once upon a time hart of dixie melissa and joey switched at birth drop dead diva ringer revenge i hate ( Full Answer )

How many TV shows has a main character watch TV?

The odds are most likely 100% (or pretty darn close) that at least one time, every main character of every tv show that was made after TV became a mainstay in people's homes, was seen watching TV.

Where can you watch TV shows immediately after it airs on TV?

It depends on how "immediately" you mean, as in literally right after it airs can you watch it somewhere, No, presuming you didn't record it. I've noticed the Animation Domination shows from FOX are available OnDemand the next day, I don't know about other shows, but I would try OnDemand if you hav ( Full Answer )

What types of shows can I watch on Gem TV?

If discussing the Australian network, Gem TV airs a wide variety of programming, such as paid cable TV shows from the US such as Showtime's "Weeds" and "The Big C." In addition, the network broadcasts films and reruns of shows such as "Friends," "The Golden Girls," "How Clean Is Your House," "McLeod ( Full Answer )

What type of TV show is Crime Watch?

Crime Watch is a long running and high profile British television program produced by the BBC. The show reconstructs major unsolved crimes with a view to gaining information from members of the public.

What shows on Bravo TV are suitable for teens?

Depending on the age and maturity level of the teen, as well as whether one is concerned about the Bravo TV channel in the US or the Bravo TV channel offered in the UK, any of the programming may be suitable for teens. When in doubt, it is best for parents particularly of young teens to watch portio ( Full Answer )

What shows can be watched on ABC TV online?

The ABC TV online has an extensive lineup of shows that can be viewed online. Some of the shows include, but are not limited to: Castle, Body of Proof, The Bachelorette, Family Tools, and Grey's Anatomy.

Where can someone watch the TV show Flog it?

Flog It! is a popular BBC1 daytime TV show. Viewers in the UK can watch it live on TV, or by using the BBC's online iPlayer service, which will allow them to watch any show from the last 7 days.

What TV shows can I watch on TVNZ?

If one is looking information on shows that are available to watch on TVNZ, it would be suggested checking company's official website. It provides information where one is able to browse shows by genre, channels and from A to Z.

Where can one watch the TV show Intervention?

There are many places where one can watch the TV show Intervention. One can watch the TV show Intervention using popular video services such as Hulu Plus or Netflix.

TV shows with a teen with anger issues?

Also i like shoes with a rebelious teens not rl tho. I have watched finding carter, and the fosters and life unexpected the whole foster thing has a cool story line.