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1. Allying itself with Austria-Hungary.

2. Declaring war on England and France.

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The sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine was the event that pulled the US into World War I.

The Germans attacked and sunk a cruise ship with U-boats (submarines) American passengers on that ship

Answer this question… Germany's pact with Japan caused it to declare war on the United States.

their actions caused the start of world war 2....

German is pne of the main languages used by the dutch. and they all had a part in world war 2. Which was mostly caused by the French's actions at the end of world war one. World war one was partially caused by the effect the French leader Napolean had on Europe after his bit of empire expansion.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941 followed by the German declaration of war on the US on 11th December.

Poland was invaded by the German Army.

a German sumbarine sank a u.s. ship which caused the united states to enter world war II. I am not a 100% sure. Im only ten.

the sinking of the ship lusitania:)

- One of the British ships (Luistania) was attacked by the German U-boat in which 600 US citizens died. - It was a chance for US to show its power to the world.

the catylist that caused America to enter world war two was the bombing of pearl harbour.

No.The sinking of the Lusitania caused the US to enter WW1.

germany. learn more about it at

Europe needed help and weapons

The sinking of the LUSITANIA is what first caused the U.S. to join this disastrous of all wars, and

The German attack on Poland 1 September 1939

Britain entered the fighting World War I after the German invasion of Belgium.

Who assassinated the above leader in world war 1

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