What two Pokemon GO in the daycare to make eggs?

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Any Pokemon that are compatible. Most importantly, you must have a male and a female Pokemon, or either sex and a Ditto. Having similar element types will make it more likely your two Pokemon will produce an egg.
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How do you make two Pokemon lay a scuirtel egg in diamond?

You Would Have To get 2 Squirtle or get 1 squirtle and 1 Ditto But if you have an Action Replay Enter this code 94000130 FDFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 94000130 FEFF0000 00000890 01ED0001 D0000000 00000000 DA000000 00000892 DC000000 00024620 C0000000 0000000B D7000 ( Full Answer )

Where is the daycare in leafgreen that can hold two Pokemon?

when you go four island, you'll immediately see a building with an othe man on the right side, go inside, and vola, you'll see a lady, and give her the pokemon. When i went to celadon and went down it led to nothing just trees.

How do you make your Pokemon in the daycare grow exp quicker?

a Pokemon left at the daycare gains 1 exp poimt for every step you take so if you have lots and lots of time leave your Pokemon at set daycare and just ride a mach bike back and forth between maville and verdanturv until you think it's grown enough just make sure you know how to keep count i like us ( Full Answer )

When Pokemon are making an egg in daycare how long does it take to make?

Almost any Pokemon can make any egg. The only exceptions are the Legondaries. You do know that you need a male and a female of the same Pokemon, or a Pokemon and a Ditto (Due to ditto's transform, it can be a mate for any Pokemon). It depends on the Pokemon. Some Pokemon make an egg fast, some make ( Full Answer )

Pokemon diamond get glitch egg from daycare man?

1. get on knees 2. unzip daycareman's pants 3. hobgobble on daycareman's balls for at least 15 minutes 4. he cracks a big ol egg on your face. This is a diffrent person know the person who said that is a stupid and has a did that alot of times. 1D1199128901 is a dush.

Pokemon platinum instant daycare egg ar code?

Instant Egg (Press X) (replace XX to choose nature, replace YY to chose gender) 94000136 fffe0000 b2101d40 00000000 e0001840 00000005 XXba0fYY 00000002 d2000000 00000000 00 - Female 8E - Male Male 01) Rash 02) Timid 03) Lonely 04) Quiet 05) Impish 06) Quirky 07) M ( Full Answer )

What two Pokemon do you put in the daycare to make the Pokemon egg Eevee on Pokemon platinium?

You have to put on a female eevee and a ditto which can be caught on the patch of grass near canalave but you have to have the national pokedex That or do it the easy way put a female eevee in the daycare with ANY Pokemon. I know that makes them mutts but you guys shouldn't be picky... where is ( Full Answer )

How do you put two Pokemon in a daycare?

Simply talk to the Day Care Lady with the Pokemon in your party. You can put two Pokemon into the Day Care at once, or you can put one in and come back at any time to put the second one in.

How do you get eggs from the daycare center in Pokemon Diamond?

Breed 2 Pokemon Of The Same Kind There! Answer To receive Pokemon eggs from the Daycare, you must leave two compatible Pokemon in their care and take a certain number of steps. Contrary to beleif, Pokemon who can be bred do not need to be of the same species. A Pikachu can breed with a Cherrim to ( Full Answer )

On Pokemon pearl can you put a male Pokemon in the daycare with a ditto and get an egg?

Just before I figured it out! it is possible! If you don't believe me, put a MALE Lucario in the daycare with a ditto, then, ride your bike up and down the path until the daycare man is facing outwards! I didnt do this with cheats either! The egg hasn't hatched yet so I don't know if it's a Ditto or ( Full Answer )

How many steps does it take for two Pokemon to make an egg in Pokemon Platinum?

you cant you have to put two of the same Pokemon into day care in solaceon town fore a wile but before you do go to the great marsh and catch 30 Pokemon in one game# then click on a girl in the building and she will give you a love testing app and the will only make an egg if they have at least one ( Full Answer )

Which 2 Pokemon will have an egg on the daycare on soul silver?

depends on which ones you have. the thing is that there has at least one male and female in the daycare. try this with Pokemon of the same species or ones with the same nature but the Pokemon must be one male and one female not two of either gender

If you put a boy and girl Pokemon in the daycare but not the same Pokemon will they have eggs?

Unless they are the same type they will not have an egg. Actually, they can. I had a pikachu and a skuntank have an egg, when the egg hatched, it was pichu who knew toxic. Weird, but any Pokemon can have an egg, if it's a boy and a girl. (Just make sure it's not a Pokemon with no gender, only dit ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon come out of the eggs from the daycare man?

It depends on what Pokemon you have in the daycare. The Pokemon that hatches from the eggs given to you by the daycare man will be the pre-evolved form of the female Pokemon you have in the daycare.

Does putting Pokemon eggs in the daycare make them grow faster?

No, not exactly to make an egg grow faster in platinum you need a Pokemon with the ability either Flame Body or Magma Armor. Those abilities split your steps in half. Flame Body-Magmar (you can find at Fuego Ironworks) Magma Armor-Slugma, or Magcargo

How do your Pokemon have eggs in daycare soul silver?

Go to the day care and get a ditto(or a female and a male Pokemon. They haff to be the same Pokemon )then take a Pokemon and putt it in with the ditto.this is called breeding.then, wait for the two to make an egg.(daycare man tells you on pokegear. Pick up the egg and walk with it till it hatches.(d ( Full Answer )

Can you put a Pokemon egg in daycare?

no unfortunatly you cant it would be good though . Yeah you have to put the egg in your team and walk around until the bleepin thing hatches. And usually its a rubbish Pokemon that knows crap moves. No you cant put an egg in the daycare.

How do you get a Pokemon egg at daycare in soul silver?

Put two Pokémon in the Daycare Center that can breed with one another (see the related links for all compatible Pokémon). Then walk around until the Daycare man calls you and says the two Pokémon have made an egg.

Can you get a Manaphy egg if you put two Manaphy in the daycare?

NO! . It would be harder to get 2 Manaphies. . A Phione egg is made by Manaphy, not a Manaphy egg. . Manaphy can only breed with Ditto. Actually, Manaphy can breed with Pokemon other that ditto. It can breed with any Pokemon in the "Water 1" egg group or the "Fairy" egg group. To see all o ( Full Answer )

How do you get an Pokemon egg from the daycare in fire-red?

Have to go to 4 island. There is another daycare there that you can get eggs from. The one by Misty is not it. You leave your pokemon there and when the old guy standing by the building moves out form the fence talk to him and he will give you the egg if you have one spot open.

How do you make your own daycare in Pokemon omega?

There's no official way to make a daycare, but what you do is advertise your daycare on your profile, in chat, or wherever else you choose. Say in the advertisement to send a pm to you telling you which Pokemon they want you to level up and how many levels. Then decide if you want them to make an ( Full Answer )

What two Pokemon make a budew egg?

You must have a FEMALE Budew / Roselia / Roserade, and a pokemon of the opposite sex, I would suggest getting a ditto, therefore whether the Budew / Roselia / Roserade is male or female, the egg will always turn out Budew.