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Q: What two Pokemon are between scissor and meowth in the Pokepark pad friend list?
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Who is syducks friend in PokePark 2?

it is Emolga she is a cute bat pokemon its true

How does shaymin be your friend on Pokepark wii?

get a bonus on every Pokemon in absols hurdle dash

Where do you get all Pokemon on PokePark Wii?

beat the game and, sooner or later your friend list will be done!

How do you get all the Pokemon in granite zone on Pokepark to be your friend?

you have to do what they say so read the questions there talking about

How do you make shamin your friend in Pokepark?

You need to have all the pokemon in absols hurdle bounce to achieve the bonus

How do you get shaymen to be your friend on Pokepark wii?

You need to get the bonus for every Pokemon on the attraction Absol's hurdle bounce.

How do you get shaymin as your friend in Pokepark pikachu's adventure?

get a bonus on every Pokemon in absols game hurdle dash

Who is the 5th friend on PokePark Wii?


How do you get Deoxys to show up on PokePark Wii?

Well, you won't actually be able to see him in the pokepark, but can play as him in Rayquaza's event. Simply clear the bonuses for every character. Then you can be him in Rayquaza's event and he will be your best friend. I am pretty sure he is he last Pokemon in your friend list.

How do you get shaymin as a friend in PokePark Wii?

Get all the Bonus Berries from all the Pokemon who can play Absol's Hurdle Bounce and then win with Shaymin

Where do you find manaphy in PokePark Wii?

you'll find her in the beach zone, but to make her your friend, you have to win gyarados' aqua dash with all the pokemon!

How do you get hitmontop in PokePark Wii?

Hitmontop is the first pokemon you'll see in the lava zone. And to get him as a friend you need to make a gold top and give it to him.

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