What two branches of Christianity emerged as a result?


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As the result of what? The 'denominations' or branches of Christianity after some differences are: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant. Each of these have numerous 'sects' within them.

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what two churches emerged from split in christianity

in 1054 AD created what two branches of christianity?

The two churches were the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic

The two churches were the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic

the two churches were eastern orthodox and the roman catholic.

No, Catholic and Orthodox are two separate branches of Christianity.

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The Great Schism was between the eastern (Greek)and western (Latin) branches of Christianity: the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. This was not due to eastern and western empires splitting their religions. The western empire did not exist then. It had fallen more than 1,000 years earlier. It was a falling out between the two main branches of Christianity. Previously they had tried to be two branches of a Christian creed which was united against several diffident forms of dissident Christianity. Disagreements and conflict between the two churches grew and this led to the schism.

There are many different branches of Christianity, but the most common in Europe and other Western countries are Christianity, and Catholic. Some other smaller but still large branches include Mormon and Anglican.

Christianity became divided into two distinct churches

Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation, which ultimately led to two new branches of Christianity. These branches are Protestantism (Protestant) and Lutheranism (Lutheran).

Catholic and Protestants For more information visit

Christianity became divided into two distinct churches.

Catholicism and Protestanism were main and Anglicanism began as an 'interweaving' of these two. See related link below:

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not so good because is emergin from rome Here is a "full-out" answer from a history book: .......................................................................... Christianity was the main religion in both the Byzantine Empire and the West. Over time, however, Christianity developed differently in each place. These differences led to a split in the Christian churches-- and the emergence of two distinct European civilizations. Christianity emerged during the Roman Empire. By the fall of Rome, Christianity had developed a well-defined structure. ........................................................................... From: 7th grader History book - Disagreements Split Christianity - "The early Byzantine Empire" Your Welcome... i hope these answers helped :)

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The Romans have given us the two main forms of Christianity: Catholic and Orthodox. These two branches of Christianity developed in the Roman Empire. originally they were called Latin/Western and Greek/Eastern. The former was the main form of Christianity in the western part of the empire and the latter was the main one in the eastern part.

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