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Magna Carta, and English Bill of Rights

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Q: What two british documents influenced the farmers of the US constitution?
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How did farmers develop the US Constitution?

The farmers who developed the U.S. Constitution were wealthy and educated. They based it on the work of philosophers and previous legal documents.

Who influenced the Farmers in developing the Constitution?

John Locke's Two treaties of government

Did the british tradition influence the farmers in developing the constitution?

they stopped cheating on their homework

What documents did the farmer look to when writing the Constitution?

The farmers of the constitution blended ideas and examples from both the american colonies and from england to write this lasting document

Who were The constitution farmers?

they were the people who first wrote the constitution

How did world war 2 affect british farmers?

It effected British farmers by

When was United Farmers of British Columbia created?

United Farmers of British Columbia was created in 1917.

What did all of the farmers of the constitution agree to before the constitution?

To work in secret.

How did John Locke's Political Ideas infulence the constitution?

john lockes ideas influenced farmers to shaye's rebellion where they tried to sieze the court but later sent militia to make them stop

What did the farmers of the Constitution?

What momentous decision did the farmers make at the beginning of philadelphia convention

What influenced the farmers in developing the constitution?

The framers of the Constitution where delegates of the Constitutional convention that assisted in drafting the proposed U.S. Constitution. Nearly all the members of the framers of the Constitution played a role in the Revolutionary war, many of them in positions of command. Because of this, many of them had a vested interest in paving the future for the nation and documenting items for which it stood.

What was the source of ideas for the farmers of the Constitution?


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