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What two countreis fought in the civil war?

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I think there is a clue in the question! Civil wars are fought by 2 factions within the same country. In Spain Franco came to power by defeating others who were opposed to him politically. Right wing against left wing politics essentially.

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What two sides fought in the civil war?

North, or Union and the South, or Confederates, were the two sides who fought in the Civil War.

What two things was the civil war fought about?

Two things the civil war fought about was Slavery and Control other regions in the United States.

What two countries were in the Civil War?

If you mean the US civil war, it was not fought between two countries. It was fought between the northern and southern states of the US.

Why is the civil war a war and why?

The Civil War was an UN-Declared War; but fought between TWO governments and TWO separate Armies and Navies.

What two groups fought a civil war in China?


What does the battle of fredericksburg have to do with the Civil War?

Well first of all it was fought between the Union and Confederacy which were the two sides of the Civil War, and it was fought during the time period of the Civil War.

The two major battles of the Civil War fought on Union soil were?

There were several battles which were fought on Union soil during the Civil War. Two of the major battles were Gettysburg and Antietam.

Who fought is the Civil War?

The Union=North and The Confederate=South, fought in the Civil War

What is the difference between a foreign and a Civil War?

A foreign war is fought between at least two separate countries. A civil war is fought between factions inside one nation.

What state was the last civil war fought?

if you mean the U.S. civil war, it was mostly fought in Virginia. The last battle of the civil war was the battle of new Orleans (LA), which was fought two weeks after the surrender of Lee's army at appomatox courthouse (VA).

What is the definition of Civil War?

A civil war is one that is fought between two or more groups **within** a country. Ordinary wars are fought between two or more countries.cilvil war is when theyyyy faught !!!! ahahahahaha

Who are two groups who fought in the Rwandan civil war?

hutu and tutsi

What two states had the most Civil War battles fought there?

Virginia and Tennessee were the two states that had the most Civil War battles fought in them. Virginia had 122 battles while Tennessee had 38 battles.

How many soildeirs fought for the confederacy in the civil war?

About 250,000 Confederates fought in the Civil War

Was the Civil War fought in 1910?

the civil war in the USA was fought between 1861-1865

Who fought in the Civil War with china?

Larry Scott Nelson fought in the civil war with China.

What years was the Civil War fought?

The Civil was fought in 1861-1865.

Have there ever been a war fought on American soil?

Yes; The Civil War and the Revolutionary War are two.

What war fought of the end of slavery?

civil war. civil war.

When was the Civil War fought?

The American Civil War was fought in 1861-1865. The Civil War was fought between April 12, 1861 until May 10, 1865. This was a war fought between the Northern and Southern states in the U.S.

What was the 2 sides of the Civil War?

The North and the South were the two sides who fought the Civil War, also known as Union and Confederacy.

During what years was the Civil War fought?

The United States civil war was fought from 1861-1865

Was most of the civil war fought on confederate soil?

The majority of the civil war was fought on confederate soil

What 2 country's fought in the civil war?

A civil war is fought by differing factions of a single country.

The spanish civil war was fought between witch 2 countries?

A civil war is, by definition, NEVER fought between two countries. p.s. I don't think they used witches.

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