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Prussia and Austria

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During the 1700s what two countries battled for control of the German states?

Prussia and Austria

Germany was under control of what major countries during Holocaust?

Nazi Germany was under Nazi German control during the Holocaust.

What countries in Europe did Germany not control during world war 2?

Germany did not control the neutral countries, even if they had some influence: * Sweden * Switzerland * Spain * Irish Republic * Portugal The did not control Britain and did not control all of the Soviet Union. German 'control' of Finland and Bulgaria was limited.

What countries where fighting during the Battle of Midway?


During the punic wars Rome battled Who?

Rome battled the city-state of Carthage .

Why did Prussia battle Austria during the mid 1700s?

Prussia battled Austria during the Mid-1700s to control the German states. In the Battle of Chotusitz, on May 17, 1742, 23,500 Prussians under Frederick II were victorious over 28,000 Austrians under Prince Charles of Lorraine.

What countries were effected by the German occupation?

There were several countries affected by the German occupation during World War 2. These countries included Austria, Belgium, Ukraine, Denmark, and many more countries of Europe.

What country isn't under German control during wwwII?


What countries did Hitler conquer during ww1?

Hitler did not conquer any countries during WW1, as he was not the leader of Germany then and was just fighting in the German army.

Why did Adolf Hitler control the economy?

Hitler controlled the German economy in 1933-39 in order to prepare for his war of aggression. During World War 2 all the major countries involved found it necessary to control their economies.

How many countries did the USSR control during the Cold War that did not gain their independence?

7 countries

How are Switzerland and Germany related?

Switzerland and German are relatable countries. Switzerland has been influenced throughout German history, and even has German as one of its official languages to prove this (German is the most spoken language in Switzerland as well). Switzerland was basically under German control, during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire, for almost 850 years.

Rome blattled who for control of Sicily?

Rome Battled Carthage for control before and during the events of the Punic Wars. Sites like and Wikipedia, among others can give you some more details on the subject.

What was the capital of German-controlled France?

They used to control Paris during WWII.

What German cities were under hitlers control during world war 2?

All of them

What is German control during World War 2?

tht was during the holocaust and they were the ones who killed Jews for no reason at all!

Where were Jews that were under german control sent during the world war 2?

Concentration camps.

When did other countries find out about the German Holocaust?

Most countries knew about it because it was during WWI and WWII and the countries that knew about it were either hiding or being attacked by Nazis.

When was satellite nations discovered?

Countries that were under the Soviets control during the Cold War.

What countries fought on the German side during World War 2?

Main ones is Italy,Austria

How did Hitler control the hearts and minds of young people during world war 1?

Hitler was not in control of the Nazi Party in WW1 he was in the German army

Which countries took control of other countries during the 1930s?

The Axis Powers Japan,Italy,Germany,Hungary,Romania,Bulgara,

What countries was Hitler in control of during ww1?

None. He served on the front lines as a regular soldier.

Which countries did japan control during World War 2?

China, Phillipines, Saipan, Guam

What Empire was split into smaller countries during world war 1 and world war 2?

After (not during) WW 1, The the Empire of Austria-Hungary was divided into several smaller countries. After WW 2, the Russians turned the occupied zone in Germany that was under their control into the German Democratic Republic. So after WW 2, Germany became divided into the (western) German Federal Republic and the (Communist) German Democratic Republic, usually called East Germany. Also, the Ottoman Empire was split up into several countries after WW 1, although it must be said that many of those countries had already been autonomous or practically independent for many years before.