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Morocco & Algeria were the first two countries that soldiers from the United States first landed in the war against Germany. The date was Nov. 8, 1942, & the landing was called Operation TORCH. British troops also participated in the landings. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

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Q: What two countries did soldiers from the United States first land in the war against Germany?
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What three countries sided against Hitler's Germany?

England; France; United States

What were the countries who fought against Germany known as in world war 2?

England, United States of America, France, USSR There are more countries who fought against Germany, but these are the most known ones.

How many countries in Germany?

Germany is a country and therefore there are not countries located within it. There are 16 states located within Germany.

What countries were enemys of the US during world war 2?

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What three countries that opposed Germany in World War 2?

There were a multitude of countries that fought against Hilter's Nazi regime: The United States, England, and Canada - just to name a few.

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There were some countries that were neutral during World War 2 that invaded Germany. These countries included the United States and Sweden.

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Germany is one single country. It does, however, have 16 states. Though these enjoy considerable automony, they are not separate countries.

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Well the countries that were against Germany in ww2, were called "allies" this group consisted of France, Poland, and the united kingdom. after 1941 the british empire, the union of soviet socialist republics, and the united states of America! those last three were called "the big three".

What countries belonged to Germany?

Germany formerly had Poland and Prussia as territories prior to World War II. Germany is composed of 16 states.

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Which countries signed the treaty of versaillies?

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In World War 2 who were the Allies fighting against?

In the European theater the "Big Three", United States, Russia and United Kingdom and other countries fought against Germany and the countries he basically seized. The axis consisted of Germany, Austria, The Rhineland, Hungary, (Poland was seized but many free Poles in England fought with the Allies), Italy, France, Checkoslovakia, some North African countries, Japan, and other smaller countries in Europe. The United States, Russia, Australia, China and many other smaller nations fought Japan in the Pacific theater. In reality, in Europe we were fighting against Hitler and his megalomania-cal dreams.

Why were the United States and Japan enemies in World War 2?

Japan wished to conquer other countries and was allied to Germany who wished to do the same. Both went against US policies.

What countries are capitalist countries?

Thee are some capitalist countries in the world. These include Germany, the United States, China, India, as well as Japan.