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United States and France

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The two main people were Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonaparte.

There are many adjectives that can describe the Louisiana Purchase. Two adjectives that describe the Louisiana Purchase well are enormous and expensive.

Thomas Jefferson bough the Louisiana Territory in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. the two men who arranged for the purchase from France were Robert Livingston and James Monroe.

Two Americans who were involved were Robert R. Livingstone and James Madison. Two French men involved with the sale were Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours and François Barbé-Marbois.

James Monroe and Robert Livingston arranged the purchase of the Louisiana Territory.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act divided the Louisiana Purchase into two territories and removed the Missouri Compromise's restriction on slavery in the territories.

One result from the Louisiana Purchase was that it doubled the size of the United States. The second result of the Louisiana Purchase is that it increased the economy for the United States with farming, gold, silver, and other resources.

There were not only two countries.

Robert Livingston and James Monroe arranged the purchase of the Louisiana Territory. They wanted to purchase the port of New Orleans and were surprised when the French offered to sell the entire Louisiana Territory.

The two countries were America and Russia.

It double united states size by two.

The Louisiana Purchase covers all or part of 15 different states and two Canadian provinces.

There are two very important people that played a significant role in the Louisiana Purchase. These people are James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson.

Spain and Portugal were the two countries that were involved in the demarcation of the new world.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

Three countries.....India , China and Pakistan

It added about two times more land to America.

The Six Day War involved four countries: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

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