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My first response would be Adolf Hitler. He affected and continues to affect the world today with the atrocities of the concentration camps. I think his impact was a negative one, but extremely powerful.

My second response would be Princess Diana. Her death was a tragedy, everyone's fairytale came to an end. Her grace, beauty, and giving heart is what still lives on. Although she did not live a very long life, her charitable efforts is her living legacy.

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What was the greatest effect of the European intrusion on the Indians of the Americas?

The Europeans hadn't realized it but they had brought their diseases to the New World from the Old World. The diseases that they brought over were small pox, yellow fever, and malaria.

How did world war 1 change the world politically?

it opened the eyes to people and stuff and it showed how strong of a country we are, and stuff this is probley not the greatest answer

How did imperialism changed the world economically and politically?

How did imperialism changed the world economically and politically?

In which region did American participation in World War 1 have the greatest effect?


How has politics had an effect on the art world?

There are too many politically motivated artists to list here.... one of my favourites tho is Peter Kennard.

What effect that the Spanish American war have on history?

The greatest effect is that the US victory made it a "world power" for the first time.

What is the effect when Europeans countries began to gain wealth?

Many things, especially the exploration of the Western World (Americas)

Which force has had the greatest effect in increasing contact among people in the world?

New techno

What disease is the greatest killer world wide?

The Bubonic Plague was the biggest killer wiped out half of the Europeans during Medevil times

What effect did Marco Polo's writings have on europeans?

An all-water route to the New world ORNew trade routes to India[:

What effect of world war 1 led to the rise of totalitarian regimes?

Many europeans lost faith in their democratic governments

How did D-Day affect World War 2 politically?

it didn't affect it politically

How did the Europeans explore the New World?

The Europeans explored the New World with ships.

What effect has enzo ferrari had upon the world?

He has created one of the greatest sports car company.

How did the scientific revolution change the way europeans looked at the world?

The scientific revolution change the way Europeans looked at the world. Europeans thought they were superior to the rest of the world.

What effect did Muhammad Ali have on the world?

he was a poor boy and grew up to become the greatest boxer yet

How did the airplane effect the 1920's politically?

It allowed for world leaders and other such important political figures to obviously move from one place to another for meetings ect. and it also revolutionized the trade world.

What is India's impact on the world politically?

no major impact

What sort of event would have the greatest effect on an individuals political socialization?

The destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001

How did contact with Europeans change life in the New World?

Contact with the Europeans changed life in the new world by...?

Which voyages gave Europeans new knowledge of the world?

Which voyages gave Europeans new knowledge of the world?

What did Europeans hope to gain from exploring the New World?

What did Europeans hope to gain from exploring the New World

How did the europeans compete to claim lands in the new world?

how did the europeans complete to claim lands in the new world

What were the good and bad effects of the Columbian Exchange on the people of the Americas?

The good effect was it improved their health and diets. The bad effect was it was a wonderful "New World" to the Europeans, but not to the Native Americans. Kaylin age 10

Why did cook effect the world?

Because he was an explorer and made maps that gave directions to parts of the world where Europeans had never been before. as a result of this many places were colonised by British interest's