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America didn't want to be part of: WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.

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What factors lead to the formation of alliances in Europe?

Nations are constantly fighting for power, if you have multiple nations fighting against each other, you want to have as many people on your side as you can. Many hands make light work.

Why are Hawaii and Alaska part of this region?

because they want to be a part of America

Why ia America fighting in Afghanistan?

They are fighting with other countries against the Muslims. The Muslims want every person in the world to be a Muslim - so ofcaurse America and other countries don't like that idea, so they are fighting it out. It's been going on for years... :(

Why was America fighting the civil war?

one answer to this qustion is that it is because Abraham Lincoln didn't want slavery

Why did many Americans oppose joining the League of Nations?

Americans opposed joining the League of Nations because they didn't want America to be involved with other countries' affairs.

Why did Canada West want to join America?

Canada West did not want to become a part of the USA.

Why did America want Canada from the British?

America is a continent, Canada the country comprises part of the continent of America. Your question makes no sense.

What is the manga Fighting Dreamers-GO about?

It's about these young teenagers fighting for their dreams to come true, the GO!!! part means to go fufill what you want most.

Why did senators oppose the US joining the league of nations?

The League Of Nations was set up to be a large 'police force'. Woodrow Wilson came up with the idea of the League of Nations, and there were a few reasons why he didn't join. He claimed that he had to get support from his country and congress. Also, America thought that they were sending troops everywhere to settle disputes. This made America think that they didn't have to join the League of Nations because they were already doing what The League of Nations was set up to do. Also, many Americans were very anti-British and anti-French. This meant that they didn't want to join the League because they didn't want to be part of something that the British and French were involved with.

What did Spain and other nations want in North America when it had first been founded?

They were seeking new lands, adventure, but mostly wealth.

Why was the league of nations rejected be Republican Senators?

They didn't want America to be involved in any other wars. The League of Nations had promised to protect each other if a war breaks out, they would have to help each other.

Did the US ever ratify the Treaty of Versailles?

America did not join the League of Nations because the Senate did not ratify the Treaty of Versailles. The reason for this is because America did not want to immediately send troops if another nation was attacked. The League of Nations had stated that, so the Senate did not ratify the Treaty of Versailles.

Why did the league of nations fail to accomplish Wilson dreams?

The league of nations failed because Germany and russia two of the great powers in the world did not join the league of nations until later on and even then Germany left. America also didn't join the league of nations because the civillians didn't want to join.

What did pacifism have to do with World War 2 and the holocaust?

People in America and other countries didn't want fighting to occur, they just wanted the war to play out.

Why did Henry Cabot Lodge oppose the Treaty of Versailles?

The treaty established a League of Nations. Lodge did not want that because The League could establish international laws that America might be opposed to. He did not want America to be forced into anything and he wanted to protect American interests.

I have to write a declaration of independence against your parents for school please help?

You always want to start it by saying why your fighting against them. The second part you might want to explain some of the complaints you have. The last part confirm that you will no longer follow there rules.

Did America join the league of nations?

America did not join the League of Nations after the World War 1 because the US congress did not ratify the Treaty of Versailles.They didn't join the league of nations because they were worried about sending out soldiers and people to fight that they didn't want to lose/die. America didn't want the British and french ruling their country because they wanted to be independent. they thought it would be like signing a blank check. spending money that they didn't need to spend was vital for USA because that's what they needed to stay a strong country.

What does fighting do to country?

You might want to be more specific. Why/what are they fighting for? Ask again.

What is part of South America closest to Antarctica called?

The name you want is Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

Why did the spanish go exploring?

because Cristobal Colon found America and Spain want to colonize the new world but also the british explore the north part of america

What is the message of the cartoon 'the gap is the bridge'?

'The Gap In The Bridge', the message was that the bridge couldnt stay together with out the key stone ( the bridge represents the League of Nations and they key stone represents America) *America didnt want to be part of any more world conflict even though Woodrow Wilson tried to promote this as a good thing to create World Peace the senate and congress voted against it.* with out the important piece the league of nations will be destroyed. 'Uncle Sam' sat at the 'safe side' of the bridge shows that America did not cooperate

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