What two quantities did Edwin Hubble plot against each other to discover the expansion of the Universe?

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velocity and distance
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What did Edwin hubble do?

Edwin Hubble was a highly appreciated astronomer who studied space. The Hubble telescope was name after him.

Who was Edwin Hubble?

\n. \nEdwin Hubble lived from 1889-1953. He showed that the Andromeda spiral was not part of the Milky Way galaxy. By showing this he proved that there are more galaxies in existance. Edwin Powell Hubble was born on November 20 1889, and he died on September 28, 1953. Edwin Powell Hubble was an Ame ( Full Answer )

What did Edwin Hubble discover?

Edwin Hubble discovered that the Galaxies in the Universe are continually moving away - in all directions - from the Earth.

What did Edwin hubble discover in 1924?

In 1924, Edwin Hubble discovered that there were other galaxies inthe universe besides the Milky Way. He also showed that certainnebulae were at one time galaxies far away beyond the Milky Way.Hubble was an American astronomer.

When did Edwin Hubble discover Neptune?

Edwin Hubble did not discover Neptune. Galileo's drawings show that he first observed Neptune on December 28, 1612, and again on January 27, 1613. On both occasions, Galileo mistook Neptune for a fixed star when it appeared very close in conjunction to Jupiter in the night sky, hence, he is not cre ( Full Answer )

When did Edwin Hubble go to university?

Hubble earned a BS degree from the University of Chicago in 1910, and a Master's Degree in Spanish as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. After several years as a high school teacher, he returned to Chicago and earned a PhD in astronomy in 1917.

Which two religions are against each other?

There are no two religions that acknowledge as their tenets aformal opposition to one another à la Montagues and Capulets.However, most religions disagree on critical theological issueswith one another.

How did Edwin Hubble realize the universe was expanding?

Comparing the red-shift of light from different galaxies, Edwin Hubble and Milton Humason establshed that it indicated the physical distance and movement of galaxies outside our own. This meant that Einstein's assumption of a "stable" universe was wrong, and that the universe must be dynamically exp ( Full Answer )

When did Edwin hubble invent the hubble telescope?

Edwin Hubble was an astronomer who worked with Earth-based telescopes, and who died in 1953, before the launch of the first artificial satellite. The Hubble Space Telescope was named in his honor almost 40 years later. Additional: (See related links.) If anything can be said to be invented ( Full Answer )

What two major discoveries did Edwin Hubble make about the universe in the mid 1900's?

\nhe discovered that there were millions of other galaxies... making the universe unimaginably larger than previously thought.\n. \nAnd he discovered that the light from distant galaxies is Red-shifted, and that the further the galaxy is, the more red-shifted its light.\n. \nThis not only demonstr ( Full Answer )

What did Edwin Powell Hubble Discover?

The most important thing that Hubble discovered was that our universe is expanding. He could see this because he noticed that galaxies were moving apart (which he figured out by their red shifting). In fact, the expansion of our universe is speeding up and galaxies are moving apart faster and faster ( Full Answer )

How did Edwin Hubble deduce the Universe was expanding?

Hubble demonstrated that the light from distant stars and galaxies is "red-shifted" - the spectrum of the light was shifted to longer wavelengths and lower frequencies. He demonstrated that the amount of the red-shift is dependent on the distance to the star, so that more distant stars have a greate ( Full Answer )

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When they slide against one another, there is a high likelyhood that something will get caught, and there is so much stress and strain that the plate can't handle it anymore, so it snaps and releases energy known as an earthquake.Also its like a car for example when 2 cars pass each other 2 cars get ( Full Answer )

Why is the Hubble telescope named after Edwin Hubble?

The Hubble Telescope was named after Edwin Powell Hubble who was an astronomer that confirmed that there were galaxies other than our own Milky Way; the discoveries of other galaxies have been repeatedly confirmed by the observations of the Hubble Telescope.

Did Edwin Hubble discover that galaxies are moving toward the earth?

Hubble discovered other galaxies than our own. His work lead to the idea that these galaxies are generally moving away from our own Milky Way. Further, logical thinkers considered that the universe itself is expanding. And if the universe is expanding, it must at some point have been "compressed" ( Full Answer )

Did Edwin hubble discover the moon?

No. The astronomer and cosmologist Edwin Hubble was born in November, 1889. Numerous references to the moon will be found in countless ancient written works, including the Bible, written at least a few years earlier.

What planets did Edwin Hubble discover?

Edwin Hubble did not discover any planets. He is most famous for demonstrating that the "spiral nebulae" were, in fact, other galaxies lying far outside the Milky Way, and for discovering the relationship between redshift (= recessional velocity) of galaxies and their distances.

Did Edwin hubble show that the galaxies were movindg away from each other?

No. What Hubble did was to demonstrate that most of the distant galaxies exhibit a "red shift" in their spectra, and that the magnitude of the red shift in the spectra is roughly proportional to the distance. We INTERPRET the red shift as indicating that the universe is expanding, that the red sh ( Full Answer )

What evidence did Edwin Hubble use to determine the universe is expanding?

The distance to a galaxy and the red shift of its light are both enormously hard to measure. Hubble spent enough years at it, and laboriously eked out the distances and red shifts of enough galaxies, that a pattern began to emerge from the data ... that the farther away from us a galaxy is, th ( Full Answer )

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How did Edwin hubble know that the universe was expanding?

Edwin Hubble did not believe that the universe is expanding! Hubble said the redshift represents a hitherto unrecognized principle of nature . Hubble was humble and honest enough to say that the redshift was an unknown principle of nature. Other physicists have taken Hubble's data and misinterpr ( Full Answer )

How did Edwin Hubble discover that there are other galaxies besides our own?

Prior to Hubble, most astronomers believed that our Milky Way galaxy was, in effect, the entire universe, and the wispy disc-like structures that could be seen at a distance were nebular clouds. By studying a certain type of variable star in some of these "clouds", Hubble deduced that they were sepa ( Full Answer )

How did Edwin hubble prove that the universe was expanding?

Edwin Hubble DID NOT PROVE that the universe was expanding. What Hubble DID do was to demonstrate that the light from distantstars and galaxies is "red-shifted" - the spectrum of the light wasshifted to longer wavelengths and lower frequencies. Hedemonstrated that the amount of the red-shift is d ( Full Answer )

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Did Edwin hubble become rich for being a scintist or from other jobs?

Edwin Powell Hubble was an American astronomer who profoundly changed the understanding of the universe by confirming the existence of galaxies other than the milky Way . He also considered the idea that the loss in frequency-the red-shift observed in the spectra of light from other galaxies increas ( Full Answer )

How did Edwin hubble reach his conclusion that the universe is expanding?

Hubble analysed the spectra that are emitted by various astronomical objects (stars and galaxies, etc.) and found that the more distant these objects are, the more these spectra were red shifted. A red shift is caused by the Doppler effect, and it indicates that a source of radiation is moving away ( Full Answer )

When did Edwin Hubble discover that the Milky Way Galaxy is not the only galaxy?

Hubble did not discover that there were other galaxies; that had been discovered earlier. But Hubble was the first to demonstrate that the more distant another galaxy is, the faster it is moving away from us. Edit: I'm not sure that's right. Hubble was surely the first to prove that a "spiral n ( Full Answer )

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What did Edwin Hubble discover about the Andromeda Nebula?

He discovered two things: that Andromeda was too far away and thuscould not be inside our galaxy (which was then believed to be theentire universe) like other known nebulas and it had a surprisinglylarge redshift to its spectrum meaning it was moving rapidly awayfrom us. Later observations showing t ( Full Answer )