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what 2 rivers form part of U.S border

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Q: What two rivers form parts of the United states border?
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What 2 rivers form parts of the US border?

assuming you are in Mexico which i do because you would be right that there are only 2 rivers in that case whereas if you were in Canada there would be far more than 2 the rivers you seek are the Rio bravo & the Rio Colorado in the united states the Rio bravo is called the Rio grande tho here the us border is called the Mexican border so if you had asked what 2 rivers form parts of the Mexican border then the better answer would have been the Rio grande & the Colorado river but only provided you were actually asking it in the united states for had you been in say Belize which also has a Mexican border the better answer would have been even more different etc etc

Which counties border the Pacific Ocean?

Countries that border the pacific ocean are: Russia (East parts of Russia), Australia (East parts of Australia), Japan (East Parts of Japan), New Zealand, (East parts of New Zealand), United States, (West parts of the United States), Canada, (West parts of Canada).

What are the two rivers that form the parts of the United States border?

St. Lawrence between New York and Canada, and Rio Grande between Texas and Mexico.

Which state in the contiguous United States has the largest water border and is divided in two parts by water?


What is the name of the state in the United States that is divided in to two parts by water and also has the largest freshwater border of all the states?


What is the name of the state the United states that is divided into two parts by water and also has the largest fresh water border?


In what countries do gray wolves live?

in parts of Alaska or Canada by the upper border of the USA

What was the border of the US after 1850?

After the Compromise of 1850 the United States acquired both the New Mexico Territory and Utah Territory as parts of its territory. The Mexico and the US border was also agreed on the south.

What are the 2 parts of the United states congress?

what are the 2 parts of the united stats congress

Which 2 states border the Mojave desert?

There are no states that 'border' the Mojave Desert. Parts of that desert are found in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

How many states in the United states are north of capicorn?

All parts of the United States and all United States Territories are north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Is the united states made up of 50 parts?

The United States does have 50 states. There are also different countries.

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