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There are 4 parts of the Circulatory or Cardiovascular System. The main part is the Circulatory/Cardiovascular System (heart, blood vessels, blood.) And there are 3 sub-systems. The Immune System including the white blood cells, the Lymphatic System including the tonsils, thymus, liver, spleen, appendix, lymph nodes, & lymph vessels, and the Urinary System including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, & urethra.

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Q: What two systems of your body does cardiovascular include?
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What are two body systems that work together to maintain homeostasis?

All body systems work together to maintain homeostasis. Two of them are the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

What body systems are involved in getting nutrients into the body?

There are two: the digestive system and the cardiovascular system.

Which two organ system are involved in removing carbon dioxide from the body?

respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Which TWO systems combine to remove CO2 from the body?

1. Respiratory system 2. Cardiovascular system

What two body systems interact to deliever hormones to the organs they affect?

Endocrine System and Cardiovascular system

How are the cardiovascular and nervous system interdependent?

The two systems are

What two systems of the body would be affected by increasing pulse rate?

I believe it's the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

What are two functions that the cardiovascular system does for your body?

the two functions that the cardiovascular system does for your body is your heart blood and blood vessels :)

What systems are involved in homeostasis?

The two systems are involved, which are Cardiovascular system and Respiratory system.

What systems delivers oxygen and nutrients to body tissue?

Cardiovascular system. Also called as circulatory system.

Which two systems interact to obtain nutrients and deliver them to the body cells?

the digestive system and the respiratory system, or the lymphatic system and the endocrine system, or the digestive system and the cardiovascular system, or the endocrine system and the cardiovascular system

What organs make up the cardiorespiratory system?

The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are two different systems in the body, though they are closely related. The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, blood vessels, and blood. The respiratory system is made up of the trachea, bronchii, alveoli, and the lungs.

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