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What two types of education does Sir Ector insist upon Kay and the Wart?

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One, he requests a tutor, and secondly, for Kay he want kay to learn how to be a knight.

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In the story of King Arthur what news does the Wart announce to Sir Ector and Kay?

King Arthur is only called Wart in T H White's "Once and Future King" series, including "The Sword in the Stone" made into a Walt Disney film. That is as far as my research has got

What is the setting for the sword in the stone?

Disney's The Sword in the Stone is set in England during the Middle Ages at the home of Sir Ector. Arthur has been sent to live with them so that he can become a squire for Ector's son, Kaye. During a hunt with Kaye, Arthur falls through the ceiling of a cottage in the woods to land at Merlin's table. The wizard decides to take on the education of Arthur that he now nicknames "Wart". The movie takes place in the castle of Sir Ector and the surrounding lands as Merlin instructs Wart. The story reaches a climax when Wart attends a joust with Kaye as his squire and forgets the sword. Stumbling across a sword in stone, he pulls it out planning to take it to Kaye. What he didn't know was that he has pulled the sword that only the "rightwise born King of England" could pull this sword from this stone. King Arthur is anointed and the young Wart and his wizard Merlin begin their time in Camelot.

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According to T. H. White's "The Once and Future King", Arthur was destined to become Kay's squire. Sir Ector, Sir Kay, and Wart (Arthur) are attending a jousting tournament in England and Kay's match is approaching. Wart realizes that he forgot Kay's sword in the inn and so he rushes to retrieve it. The door is locked, in a churchyard Wart spots a sword lodged in a stone. With one attempt he pulls the sword from the stone and returns to Kay and Ector. Kay gets angry at Wart for forgetting his sword and questions the identity of this new one. Ector spots words etched on it that say, "Who so Pulleth Out This Sword of this Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of England". With this everybody questions how such a young boy could obtain such a coveted treasure. The largest men faltered at such a task, so they wanted him to repeat it. The sword was put back in the stone, and several men, including Kay attempted to pull it. Once again, however, Arthur recovers the sword from the rock. Since he is the new king, he automatically becomes a knight.

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