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one way party leadership influences the legislative process is; if the speaker of the house (the leader) is a Democrat, then the views and decisions will be based on the views of democrats. for example if a bill was being passed about whether abortion should be illegal or legal and the party leader was Democratic, his/her views would want to make abortion legal because that is the view of democrats. but if he/she was a republican then they would vote for it to be illegal.

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What two ways can party representation on committee in congress influence the legislative process?

The party will push its own agenda, and the committees determine their own leadership which can be influenced by party representation.

How does logrolling influence the legislative process?

it doesnt

What components of the dynamic legislative process is mostly left out of the textbook legislative process?

The dynamic legislative process highlights the importance of conversation and debate among members of Congress, which is generally ignored in the textbook legislative process.

A congressperson is a member of which branch of government?

Congress is the legislative branch. Therefore a congressperson is part of the legislative process.

Why has the party caucus system emerged as such an important influence in the legislative process of congress?

The party caucus system is an important influence because it selects the Committee members. The selected members head the committees in each chamber.

What two elements of the congressional committee system influence the legislative process?

specialization and logrolling/reciprocity

How does the congressional committee system influence the legislative process?

SpecializationReciprocity/logrolling Party representation on committees

What are three ways that Maine's citizens can influence in the legislative process?

they make wonderful laws that are perfect

What role does the president serve in the Legislative process?

Constitutionally speaking the US President plays no role in the legislative process other than what influence he may exert on certain legislation by virtue of being the leader of his political party. Only when a bill is passed by Congress an is sent to his desk for signature into law, does the President affect any law.

which statement best describes the president's role in the federal legislative process?

The president determines whether to sign or veto bills passed by Congress.

Factors that influence the leadership process in organizations?

AtmosphereSituation: critical, good, etc.Number of workers...

What is the next step in the legislative process after a bill is sent to a committee?

The committee determines how to report the bill to Congress. -Apex

What do congressmen do?

The members of Congress make laws. A law starts out as a bill and goes through the legislative process of becoming a law.

What is true regarding the influence of Political Action Committees and unions on the legislative process?

There are limits on the amount of money they can give to a candidate.

How can the president check the legislative branch with regards to the process of lawmaking?

The President has the power to veto bills sent to him by the Congress. Congress, however, can override the President's veto with a 2/3 vote in each house of Congress.

How does the impeachment process contribute to the US system of checks and balances in the federal gov?

C. It provides congress with the process to monitor the conduct of the president and members of the legislative branch.

What is the difference between the dynamic legislative process and the textbook legislative process?

it is gay

Have no legal authority outside of Congress but are important because they set rules for complex legislative procedures such as the appropriations process?

concurrent resolutions

What have legal authority outside of Congress but are important because they set rules for complex legislative procedures such as the appropriations process.?

Concurrent resolutions

What happens when congress adjourns?

When Congress adjourns it means they are out of session and done with business. Congress session lasts for one year with there being two sessions. Any bill that has not gone through the entire legislative process before Congress adjourns is considered dead.

What is the process of redrawing the boundaries of legislative districts?

The process of redrawing legislative districts is redistricting. The process of deliberately redrawing the boundaries of legislative districts to effect outcome is referred to as gerrymandering.

What has the author Abner J Mikva written?

Abner J. Mikva has written: 'Legislative process' -- subject(s): Cases, Representative government and representation, Statutes, Law, Legislation, Legislative power, Interpretation and construction 'The American Congress' -- subject(s): United States, United States. Congress

What best describes the congress house of representatives us senate?

The Senate and the House of Representatives, collectively known as Congress, makes up much of the legislative branch of the U.S. government. These bodies are integral in the lawmaking process.

What stage of the legislative process do most bills die?

Most bills die in the "committee" portion of the legislative process.

What is the legislative process of monitoring the bureaucracy and its administration of policy?

Legislative Oversight.

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