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My 96 has 134a in it. If you get a replacement don't get one that is made with propane. I know of a bus that burn up because of this.

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Q: What type of Freon refrigerant is used in a 96 Geo Tracker Air Conditioner If choice of types available which is better?
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Why did my air conditioner control lights located in the radio go out and air conditioning stop working in a 1999 sable?

Many AC controls will act like that when you are out of refrigerant. Have the refrigerant level checked. If you have a very slow leak, it might be easier to just add refrigerant every year. If the leak is very substantial, it might be better to have it repaired.

How much refrigerant do you put in a 89 dodge dynasty?

The original freon (refrigerant) in the 1989 Dodge Dynasty's was R12. The amount of R12 it was supposed to use was 32 ounces. R12 freon is no longer available because of environmental concerns. Most such systems were converted to use R134 or R134A refrigerant, which is much less efficient in terms of cooling. Another type of refrigerant that is still available (which is better than R134) is called Envirosafe.

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While it is true there are numerous Fitness tracker apps available, some are better than others. According to LifeHacker the five best Fitness trackers are Fitocracy, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, SparkPeople, and DailyBurn.

How do you put freon in a room air conditioner?

You don`t, you replace it. You will cause more leaks by doing this than you already have and the cost of refrigerant is another reason not to do this. I am in the biz 25 years, I can do this properly without creating more leaks, I get refrigerant for nothing and I would not go through the bother of doing this, units are cheap, more efficient and the economy needs your help. Actually, you don't because freon has been banned in most industrialized countries as a greenhouse gas. There are alternative available in the US, but if the system is old, it might be better to replace it.

Can you use air conditioner in winter to heat your room?

Any heat you got by running an air conditioner in winter would be from the compressor motor, which gets hot because it is using electrical current to do work. In normal warm-weather operation an air conditioner compresses refrigerant, then allows it to expand rapidly, producing a cooling effect. The cooled refrigerant travels through tubing and warm room air is blown past the tubes, which cools the warm air while warming the refrigerant. The warm refrigerant flows outside where it dumps some heat before being compressed and cooled again. Air conditioners dump heat gathered from a warm room. They do create some heat from the electricity they use. If you are trying to heat a cold room, you'd be better off putting the electricity to use running a space heater of some type.

What is the chiller condenser pressure?

According to state of the outlet refrigerant from compressor, it's better we use refrigerant temperature.

Is it possible to seal a hole in a car's low-side air conditioner hose?

It is not possible to seal a hole in a car low side or suction line hose. The pressure of the refrigerant passing that hose will eventually push out the seal. The oil contained in the refrigerant plus the heat will cause the seal to loosen from the hose. It is better for you to have one machined pressed for it will give you a confortable ride and cooling inside the car.

How do you uninstall a working split unit air-conditioner?

You will close the liquid line service valve and operate the compressor manually till all refrigerant is "pumped down" into condensing unit (suction pressure falls below and maintains less than 0 psig. Then close the suction service valve, remove and cap all unit connections. Disconnect electrical, etc. This requires technician certification by the EPA per refrigerant handling practices. If you are not certified and do this anyway, I guess it is better than just cutting the lines and releasing refrigerant into the air. lc

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Where can I find some good air conditioner reviews?

I'm gonna look for a better air conditioner soon. Are there any good places where they review these?

How do charge the air conditioner on a 1995 Buick Regal Custom?

The low pressure port is located right next to the high pressure which is visable on drivers side next to the air filter cleaner housing. It is hard to see because it is blocked by the air filter housing and a cable with foam insulation on it. Remove housing to get better access. R134 refrigerant.

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Would it be better to have HVAC contractor install a leak sealant in Air conditioner or replace a 2 year old unit that has leaked since installation?

It would be best to find the leak and fix it. If the leak is in one of the coils, they may still be under warranty. Do Not add sealant or any other substance other than refrigerant or oil to your system. Ever...

Why does propane work better as a refrigerant in a air conditioning system?

I don' t know if it works better, but PROPANE SHOULD NEVER BE USED BECAUSE IT IS FLAMMABLE!

What can you do if you add refrigerant 22 to a refrigerant 410a central heating and cooling system?

Have a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL - who will know what they're doing - recover and replace the blended refrigerant. AC system work - whether at the home or on a motor vehicle - is NOT a "do it yourself" task, and it seems now that you have a better understanding of why that is.

What are the names of some highly rated air conditioner companies?

You can search for air conditioner companies online for the particular geographical area that you are looking for. You should also research the company with Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau can be reached online or by phone.

Is it better to install a window air conditioner in the top part of a window or bottom?


How do I get a frog out of my air conditioner?

Initiating a better food offering often works well.

How do you adjust air conditioner for better inside humidity?

You don't, you want the AC to dehumidify.

What is a better air conditioner daikin or Mitsubishi?

Any. Both I heard are equally good.

How much refrigerant does the 2002 Hyundai Sonata hold?

I have put refrigerant in my 2002 Sonata. May sure you get the gauge that tells you how much refrigerant is already in you A/C because if you overfill it, the A/C compressor will stop working. Then you will have to have the system bled to remove the excess refrigerant and that stuff is toxic and will burn your skin and put a bigger hole in the ozone layer. Better to underfill then overfill. The system is pressurized and will not work when there is too much pressure in it.

What is a better air conditioner Goodman or Carrier?

That depends, a top of the line Goodman may be a better investment than a builders grade Carrier.