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Q: What type of URL is associated with non profit organizations?
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What type of companies use org?

Companies that use the org ending of their URL are organizations, usually non-profit for charity organizations. It is a way to denote themselves as neither a government agency or a company (gov and com, respectively).

What does .org stand for in a URL?

It means it is the website of an organization.AdditionallyIt was originally intended for non-profit organizations and organizations of a non-commercial nature. Although org was recommended for non-commercial entities, there are no restrictions today to register for a .org so some companies like craigslist can have a .org in its URL but you'll still find it used largely for non-profit organizations, health organizations, open-source software projects, standards bodies, etc.

What URL ending means that the website is maintained by a business or an individual?

That would be .com which indicates a commercial web site. Companies or profitable organizations have this type of URL.

What does a nonprofit organization URL end with?

Non-profit organizations (Red Cross, Goodwill, IEEE, etc.) typically have web sites with URLs with the top-level .orgdomain.

Maui services has URL of pro what types organizations is Maui services?

5. A Web site created for Maui Services has a URL of ".pro." Which of the following types of organizations is Maui Services?

What is an obfuscated URL?

An obfuscated URL is a type of URL in a browser. This URL is made to look similar to a legitimate URL but part of it is concealed.

How do you get URL for YouTube video?

Its Is What Is In The URL Bar. The Thing You Type Websites Into. Thats The URL.

What is the definition of URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is a Web site address. It is what lets you locate a particular site. For example, is the URL for the WikiAnswers home page.The domain name is the first part of a URL. Private, corporate, or commercial domains usually end in .com. Government domains usually end in .gov. Non-profit organizations and trade associations usually end in .org. Other countries use different endings, or "top-level domains."

A website created for maui services has a URl of pro what of organizations is maui services?

Licensed professional

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