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What type of acid does Coke contain?

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Coke, (the soda, I'm assuming) contains Citric acid, which is mostly harmless and will not devour a penny in 3 hours, or magically obliterate mineral deposits or chew through concrete or anything. If you're an excessive drinker though, it can inflict damage on the enamel of your teeth. To avoid that unpleasantness, you can use a straw or just... drink.. less.

love, tricia

Unfortunately Tricia, your answer leaves quite a bit to be desired

Citric acid may be harmless but Phosphoric acid, which is the main acid used in coke (primarily because its far cheaper than citric acid) has big shadows hanging over its safety. Various studies have been conducted which initially showed that this stuff had a detrimental effect on bone density (amongst other things) Unsurprisingly, soon after this came out, another study was done, probably commissioned and controlled by the manufacturers which showed it was (lo and behold) actually good for the bones. Which all just goes to that you can get whatever test results you want if you know how to manipulate the results.

2011-09-13 14:47:19
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What kind of acid does coke contain?

coke contain gastric acid

What acid does coke contain does it contain phosphoric acid?

Interestingly enough I just read today that it did contain said acid! H3PO4

Does Diet Coke contain phosphoric acid?


How does coke and coco cola get acid?

They contain phosphoric acid. They have a pH of around 2.4

What type of acid does milk contain?

It doesn't contain an acid, it is an acid. Lactic acid to be precise.

What type of acid vinegar contain?

vinegar contain, Acetic acid

What is the acid in coke?

All sodas contain phosphoric acid. Clear sodas contain an extra acid called citric acid. This gives Sprite and 7-Up their lemon-lime flavour.

How much acid does a Cherry-flavored Coke contain?

1 gallon

What type of acid used in coke?

carbon doixide

Is coke more acidic than vinegar?

No Coke is not more acetic than vinegar because of the acid they contain. Vinegar has an acid called acetic acid that is a lot more powerful than the acid Coke contains which only effects the enamel on your teeth. So there you have it! Really you! ;)

What is the pH level of flat coke?

It is slightly acidic because contain phosphoric acid.

What type of acid does tea contain?

Tannic Acid

What type of acid does chili contain?

capsaicin acid

What type of acid do batteries contain?

Sulphuric acid

What are the negative effects of coke on your body?

It contain carbonic acid which can lead to dissolution of bones .Formula of carbonic acid is H2CO3

Is the soda coke an acid or base?

Coke is an acid.

What type of acid do cherries contain?

it is most likely citric acid

Is rain a type of acid?

Only acid rain, normal rain does not contain acid.

What is the acid name for coke?

Coke in and of itself is not an acid but a mixture of a variety of substance, some of which are acids. Coke contains carbonic acid and some phosphoric acid.

Does coke have acid?

Yes, Coke has carbonic acid, which makes the fizz.

Which soda has the most acid coke or sprite?

coke has the most acid

What sodas contain phosphoric acid?

Coke and Pepsi contain phosphoric acid. Any soda that has a cola flavor contains the acid. It is the 'bite' that tingles the tongue. The acid is only at 85 percent so it will not harm internal organs, but it does strip tooth enamel.

Does coke have acids?

yes in fact coke has enough acid to eat up a carbradar! All soft drinks generally have carbonic acid (carbon dioxide dissolved in water under pressure). Some soft drinks also contain phosphoric acid.

How much carbonic acid is in coke and sprite?

coke has mokre carbonic acid

Does reg coke contain aspartame?

No, regular coke doesn't contain aspartame.