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Coke, (the soda, I'm assuming) contains Citric acid, which is mostly harmless and will not devour a penny in 3 hours, or magically obliterate mineral deposits or chew through concrete or anything. If you're an excessive drinker though, it can inflict damage on the enamel of your teeth. To avoid that unpleasantness, you can use a straw or just... drink.. less.

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Unfortunately Tricia, your answer leaves quite a bit to be desired

Citric acid may be harmless but Phosphoric acid, which is the main acid used in coke (primarily because its far cheaper than citric acid) has big shadows hanging over its safety. Various studies have been conducted which initially showed that this stuff had a detrimental effect on bone density (amongst other things) Unsurprisingly, soon after this came out, another study was done, probably commissioned and controlled by the manufacturers which showed it was (lo and behold) actually good for the bones. Which all just goes to that you can get whatever test results you want if you know how to manipulate the results.

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Q: What type of acid does Coke contain?
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