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What type of air filter do you use in a 1992 ls 400?

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K&N E-2606. I have been using this in my 1994 for about a year. Works great. K&N E-2606. I have been using this in my 1994 for almost a year, works great.

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Change air filter 1999 Lexus LS 400?

A.c air filter

Does a 1992 Ford Mustang have a cabin air filter?

No , there is no cabin air filter in a 1992 Ford Mustang ( from the factory )

Where is the in cabin air filter in a 1992 4runner?

where is cabin air filter location

How do you change the cabin air filter in a 1992 Oldsmobile?

It has no cabin air filter.

Where is the cabin air filter 1992 Honda accord lx?

It does not have a cabin filter.

Where is your cabin air filter in your 1992 Ford F150 truck?

It does not have a cabin filter.

Is there a cabin air filter in a 1992 Honda Accord?

no no



I need the part number for the Air filter for a john deere 400 lawn tractor?

AM100137 is what my 400 uses

What size of filter is used on a 574?

An International 574 is type of Harvester Tractor. The type of air filter is CA1546 Air Metal-End Air Filter UPC 009100524508 it comes in a standard size.

How do you change cabin air filter in 1992 ford thunder bird?

no cabin filter was ever installed

Where is the cabin air filter in a 1992 Ford Tempo?

It doesn't have one

Where is the IAT sensor located at in a 1992 topaz?

You should be able to locate the " intake air temperature " sensor under the air filter, In the filter box.

Where is the air pump located at on a 1992 for the rear shocks?

it is under the air filter box under the hood

Does a 1992 GMC half ton pickup have an air conditioning filter?


What modifications can you do to a 1992 3.1L V6 firebird?

put a cone air filter

What size air filter do you need for a 1992 Ford Mustang V 4.8?

According to the 1992 Ford Mustang with the 5.0 liter V8 engine takes the ( Motorcraft FA-1042 ) engine air filter

How do you clean air filter on 940 Volvo 1992?

You don't. When it gets dirty, you replace it.

Where is the Mass air flow location 1992 grand marquis?

On a 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis : The Mass Air Flow sensor should be between the engine air filter and the big engine air intake tube

For someone suffering from allergies, what is the best air filter replacement schedule?

For allergy sufferers, air filter replacement should be done per manufacturer instructions. It is the type of air filter that matters most.

Where is the location of the air filter on a 1989 Celica?

On my 1992 model, it's in-line with the large black air intake hose.

Will a 2002 Honda 300ex air filter fit a 2007 Honda 400ex?

No the 250,300,and 400 ex all have differwent air filters

What Air filters does a 1992 Ford Explorer use?

ford parts . com ( no spaces ) shows the ( Motorcraft FA-1043 ) engine air filter for the 1992 Ford Explorer

Where is the oil filter on a 93 Chevy Blazer?

if it is a s10blazer it is beside the air filter 1992 is behind driver side headlight mounted on fender

Where do you locate the air filter for a 1992 Audi 80 2.3?

Its under the fuel distributor. A pain to get at.

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