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Q: What type of aquaculture system is best suited to raise catfish?
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Can you raise baby catfish for bait?


How does the wels catfish raise its babies?

They feed them

How does weather affect the aquaculture industry in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has cold winters, and mild summers. Due to the fact that it has cold winters the agriculturists cannot raise certain fish. And the fish they can raise must be kept indoors so that they can harvest the fish all year round. ~Tyler Dutkowski

Do catfish raise it's young?

No.. the males may protect the nest for a time, but don't actually raise their young in the sense of providing food or training for life. The females on the other hand, drop eggs and go home to eat and recover.

How do Texans use land not suited for farming?

It's used for ranching, to raise cattle and other livestock on.

Can you farm raise large mouth bass?

Yes, largemouth are raised in farms for stocking purposes only, not as a food fish, like channel catfish and tilapia are.

Do catfishes raise their children?

Not really. Catfish build nests to spawn in. Some types of cat fish will guard their eggs until they hatch, and sometimes the male will guard the baby fish for a week. But after that, the babes are on their own.

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A Inclined Plane Can Help You Raise A Load Or A Pulley System.

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in the SI system - the amount of energy to raise 1 Kg of material 1 K

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Raise your stabilizer to 80ppm

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it may raise noise to an illegal level

Can you add sodium bicarbonate to your water system to raise the pH?


What are the disadvantages of aquaculture?

It depends on what form of aquaculture. species such as salmon and those that are carnivorous and actually require feed derived from wild fish. The amount of captured fish to raise farmed fish is massive (something like a ratio of 4:1) this then is a huge issue for the sustainability of wild fish stocks. Beyond this many of the farms can be environmentally degrading affecting local fish with disease, escapment etc. additionally the seabed can become a wasteland. It should be noted that the extent of effects are limited by the location and size of farms.

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