What type of armor did ancient Egypt use?

Armour was not generally used among Egyptian troops until the late period of Egyptian history. Most soldiers had only a linen tunic or shirt, a linen loincloth and a linen headcover. Many troops wore just the loincloth, exactly as most Egyptian peasants did.

Some units of elite bodyguard troops were equipped with corselets (armour for the torso) of hardened leather or crocodile skin; later small overlapping plates of copper or bronze were worn as armour by officers and elite troops. The bulk of the army had no armour of any kind. Helmets do not seem to be a feature of Egyptian soldiers at any period.

Shields of wood or cowhide were always used by infantry units except for archers; the shape varied but many were long and rectangular with a curved top surface. Some tapered towards the top, giving extra protection to the legs. Most shields were of average size but some appear to have been very large, perhaps for use as a pavise to protect a second solder using a bow.

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