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Nitrogen-Fixing bacteria. aka Rhizobium

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Q: What type of bacteria consumes nitrogen in the air and changes it into a form that plants can use?
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What changes nitrogen into a form that can be used by plants?

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria

What is the bacteria that changes nitrogen in the air into a form that plants can use?

Type of bacteria that consume nitrogen in the air and change it into a form plants can use

How is nitrogen gas processed or changes so that plant cells can use it?

Nitrogen is changed into compounds that plants can use by bacteria.

What do nitrogen fixing bacteria do for plants?

Break down (or fix) nitrogen so it can be used by the plant. Plants can only use soluble nitrates, and the nitrifying bacteria changes the N2 (nitrogen in the air) into these nitrates (NO3-) that can be absorbed by the plant.

What do bacteria do to nitrogen so plants can use it?

The bacteria makes the nitrogen usable for the plants and makes it able to be used by the plants

What changes nitrogen in the air into another nitrogen compound that can be used by plants to make proteins acids and DNA?

nitrogen fixing bacteria and lighting bolts in the sky.

How do plants get atmospheric nitrogen?

some plants have bacteria in their roots which contain nitrogen when plants want nitrogen they exchange their food made them with nitrogen. Example: pea plants contain bacteria called rhizobium which contains nitrogen

Why are bacteria so important to the nitrogen supply of plants?

Because nitrifying bacteria can fix nitrogen from the air to the plants

How do some bacteria help plants get the nitrogen they need to survive?

Nitrogen- fixing bacteria consume nitrogen in the air and change it into a for that plants can use.

How do plants get nitrates?

nitrogen fixing bacteria in roots of plants bacteria transforming humus to nitrate nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil lightning.

What converts nitrogen in the air into a form plants can use?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria along and on the roots of plants converts gaseous nitrogen into a form that plants can absorb.

What do bacteria do in nitrogen fixation?

Bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into a nitrogen-containing ion that plants can absorb.

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