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I would imagine you would need public liability

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

How many grams of cholesterol should you eat each day to maintain a healthy diet

What would cause a fluttering inside the ear canal

Why is beef fat a solid at room temperature

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Q: What type of basic insurance needed to start a cleaning service?
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What type of insurance is needed if you hit another car?

Basic liability insurance. This covers the person you hit. Comprehensive and collision covers your car.

Do some insurance policies include emergency roadside service?

Many insurance policies offer Emergency Roadside Service as an optional coverage. It is not a basic coverage that comes with all insurance policies. It is often something that you have to specifically request and pay extra for.

What type of skills would be useful to gain employment cleaning offices?

Basic cleaning skills are the main type of skills needed. Organization and paying attention to small details are also important.

What are the three basic tools needed for cleaning a horse's stall?

Pitchfork, wheelbarrow, gloves (I just got that question on Howrse, and this was the correct answer).

What is the basic purpose of insurance?

What is the basic purpose of insurance

Where can I purchase cheap business insurance?

To get basic business insurance you have to have general liability. Companies that offer this service are Progressive Professional for one, and they will compare other rates for you too.

Are cleaning products acidic or basic?


How much for average car wash?

$5.00 for a basic wash About $15.00 for full service wash (includes interior cleaning)

What are the basic components needed to set up a computer network?

internet service provider, router,cable,

How can you find domestic cleaning services in their local area?

When looking for a domestic cleaning service in your area you need to think of exactly the tasks you are in looking to complete. Most people would enjoy a maid service rather to send someone for basic cleaning. If the task is a cleaning on a much larger scale then a commerical service would be the one you need to call. Calling upon friends/family for their knowledge of services or even looking in your local yellow pages. Local churches offer services for the elderly and sickly.

Are cleaning products more likely to be acidic or basic?


How much information is needed for a free automobile insurance quote?

Most companies require your basic information and the vehicle information including the VIN.

What basic equipment is needed to start a beauty salon?

You would need an adjustable chair, mirrors, scissors, dryers, cleaning and styling products, and a sink at the absolute minimum.

Is a basic parcel post service insured?

It would depend on which company was used and where in the world the originating parcel was being sent. In the United Kingdom there is very basic insurance which is paid for depending on the level of service expected from the carrier. To ensure a parcel is insured properly, have the item sent by the service that insures your item for its true or replacement value.

What is included in a basic insurance package from Infinity Car Insurance?

Infinity Car insurance has a basic car insurance package which would include your basic liability coverage and a small deductible. You may want to contact them for further information on the rates, terms, etc.

What is the cheapest basic car insurance?

The cheapest basic car insurance will vary from state to state, because all states have differing minimum car insurance requirements. Some good companies to check with for basic insurance are The General, Safe Auto, and Nationwide.

Cleaning beretta shotgun ejectors?

Basic cleaning of the shotgun ejectors can be done without detailed or gunsmith/armorer level disassembly. Old (but clean of abrasive dirt) toothbrushes and or Q-tips (cotton) dipped in gun solvents can be used around the ejector for basic service. Once dried it can be lightly coated with oil for storage and resistance to corrosion/oxidation.

What are the duties and responsibilities of service crew?

The duties and responsibilities of a service crew member include taking orders, preparing food, serving the customers, an cleaning up. The jobs can vary from day to day but for the most part stick with those basic things.

What kinds of insurance does Ensure offer?

Ensure insurance offers all of the basic types of insurance you could need. They offer plans for life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and even health and long term care insurance. They insure you will receive a plan up to 40% less than the plan you currently have (or plans from anywhere else if you don't currently have insurance) and have a great support center if you need help from their customer service.

Is laundry detergent acidic or basic?

Basic. Most cleaning products consist of bases.


form_title=Find a Dentist form_header=From basic teeth cleaning to crowns and root canals, a dentist is important for proper dental care. What type of dental service do you need?=_ Do you have dental insurance?= () Yes () No When was the last time you saw a dentist?=_

Do insurance policies typically cover Basic Hospital Expense Insurance Coverage?

Yes, generally they do. Of course, there are many kinds of insurance policies. If you are unclear what your policy covers, check the certificate of coverage document or contact customer service on the back of your ID card, If your insurance is a PPO, POS or HMO ,it is extremely important to stay "in network."

What is provided with basic phone service from AT&T?

A basic phone service from AT&T basically gives you local phone service. You have to pay for any other calls you make on top of the fee for basic service.

What is the basic service unit of cellular telephony?

the basic service unit of cellular telephony is the cell

What is the basic insurance premium for members of FEGLI the Federal Employees' Group Life insurance Program?

The basic insurance premium for the members of FEGLI, the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program is 3%, which can be higher or lower depending on your health.