Amazon Rainforest

What type of biome is the Amazon rainforest?


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yes you got the right concept it the amazon rainforest is a rainforest biome

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The Amazon Rainforest is a tropical rainforest.

Yes because it is a small part of a biome which is a tropical rainforest

the biome of hawaii is a tropical rainforest

The rainforest. The ocean has the greatest biodiversity of any biome. The rainforest has the greatest biodiversity of any terrestrial biome.

a rainforest biome is a place were it is humid

The Amazon rainforest is a tropical rainforest not a temperate.

a rainforest biome is all about humidity a the climate

Evergreen are are basically the only general type of tree that dosen't grow in the Amazon Rainforest.

amazon basin and amazon rainforest

A rainforest biome is where most pepper grow in. This type of biome roughly covers around 7% of the Earth's surface.

Brazil is mostly tropical rainforest and savanna.

the temperature rainforest and the grassland

Brazil's biome is the rainforest

Not exactly, piranhas are in the Amazon river not the actual rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest, is a tropical rainforest

In the tropical rainforest biome and the desert biome

The climate rainforest biome is humid with an average rainfall of about 725mm in summer.

A warm rainforest biome would be located in the highlands.

The Amazon rainforest is tropical. Lots of people ask this so look at all questions and it will say but the answer is tropical.

an anaconda biome is the tropical rainforest

The tropical rainforest biome.

the oldest biome is the tropical rainforest

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