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What type of body cavity do roundworms have?

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What are the body plans of flatworms and roundworms?

Flatworms are considered acoelomate, since they have no body cavity, and roundworms are pseudocoelomate because they have a body cavity, but it is not derived from the splitting of the mesoderm tissue. Also, flatworms only have one opening in their digestive system unlike roundworms with two.

What body type do flatworms have?

Flatworms and Roundworms have bilateral symmetry as a body type.

What type of body cavity does the octopus have?

they have an open body cavity.

What type of body cavity does a jellyfish have?

It lacks body cavity .

What type of body cavity do fish have?

Pisces or fish have true internal body cavity.

How are roundworms classified and what are their characteristics?

Roundworms are classified in the phylum Nematoda. They have this name because of their cylinderical body shape. They have a pseudocoelom for the body cavity. Some are parasites (Ascaris), some are useful in biology research (C. elegans). They are found almost everywhere!

Both flatworms and roundworms have a body type called?

Bilateral symmetry.

Compare and contrast the body of a flatworm to the body plan of a roundworm?

Compare: I don't know Contrast: Flatworms are considered acoelomate because they have no body cavity and Roundworms are considered pseudocoelomates.

What are the predators of roundworms?

What type of roundworms do you mean? roundworms in general and kind

What type of body cavity do Echinoderms have?


What type of body cavity do lancelets have?


What type of body cavity do annelids have?


What type of body cavity does a snail have?


Is the type of body cavity shared by all mollusks is a pseudocelom?

The type of body cavity shared by all mollusks is pseudocoelom is a false statement. The correct answer is coelom.

Do roundworms have a coelom?

Yes. However, this is not a true coelom. Roundworms are pseudocoelomates -- their mesoderm lines the endoderm and ectoderm, but there is no connection between the two. Therefore, it does not satisfy the definition of a coelom. However, since there is a body cavity still, this animal is said to be a pseudocoelomate.

What type of body cavity does a Roundworm have?

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What animal has a lined gut cavity?

A bilateral animal has a lined gut cavity. On the other hand, animals like roundworms have a gut cavity but it is only partially lined.

How does an earthworm differ from a roundworm?

Roundworms can cause serious damage to humans and other living things. Roundworms also live in pigs, so when people eat it pork undercooked, they can have roundworms inside their body, where it causes a disease. Earthworms cannot do any of these things that roundworms can do. (Roundworms are parasites, so if you don't want to have parasites inside your body organs, DON'T EAT UNDERCOOKED PORK OR ANY TYPE OF MEAT)

What type of gland is associated with a duct or body cavity?


What type of Body CAvity does a Great White Shark have?


What type of body cavity does a flat worm have?

They don't have bodies!

What is the different body plan symmetry and feeding methods of cnidarians and roundworms?

Jellyfish are bell shaped and roundworms aren't. Jellyfish sting and roundworms do not. jellyfish are radial and and roundworms are not.

What type of animals have no body cavity?

Acoelomate animals, for example, flatworms, do not have a body cavity. Their organs are held in place by mesodermal tissues that are semi-solid.

What body cavity is not part of the dorsal cavity?

Ventral body cavity

Where roundworms live?

In a humans body or an animals body

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