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Lithium and bromine would form an ionic bond, where the lithium would donate one electron to the bromine.

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What happens when a bromine atom attracts to an electron from lithium?

The Bromine atom accepts the electron and forms an ionic bond with lithium forming Lithium Bromide.

What would happen if lithium and bromine formed a chemical bond?

LiBr would be the chemical formula. Lithium has +1 electron and Bromine has -1 electron so they combine easily.

Bond forming between potassium and bromine?

Potassium and bromine will form an ionic bond.

What is the intermolecular bond of bromine chloride?

Bromine is a nonmetal as well as chlorine. A bond between a nonmetal and a nonmetal is a covalent bond.

Hydrogen bromide bond?

it is a bond between hydrogen and bromine

What type of bond will form between an atom of chlorine and bromine?

A bond between chlorine and bromine, Cl-Br, would be polar covalent.

What bond forms between cobalt and bromine?

Cobalt and bromine form an ionic bond. Another name for this is electrovalent.

How do you make SBR Bond?

The bond between sulfur and bromine is covalent.

Is the bond formed between Carbon and Bromine ionic?

No. Carbon and bromine, both being nonmetals, will form a covalent bond.

Is LiBr a covalent bond?

Covalent bonds are between two or more non-metals, while ionic bonds are between a metal and a non-metal. Lithium is a metal and bromine is a non-metal.

What type of bond is formed between chlorine and bromine?

A covalent bond due to them sharing electrons, specifically one pair of electrons.

Does lithium bromide have an ionic or covalent bond?

Lithium bromide is held together by an ionic bond. We know that lithium is a Group 1 Alkali Metal, and bromine is a Group 17 Halogen. These two groups always form ionic bonds when they get together. You can bet the house on it.

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