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What type of bond would form between carbon and oxygen atoms?

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Since Carbon and Oxygen are both nonmetals, a bond between them would be a covalent bond.

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What are the three most common atoms in a human body?

The three most common atoms in the body would be carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. By atoms: hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon By mass: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen

How many molecules of water would result if two molecules of glucose combined with 12 molecules of oxygen?

Twelve. Glucose is C6H12O6, so two molecules of glucose would give you: 12 carbon atoms 24 hydrogen atoms 12 oxygen atoms The 12 molecules of oxygen would give 24 oxygen atoms, for 48 total atoms of oxygen. So...each carbon atom would take two oxygen atoms to give 12 molecules of carbon dioxide, and each remaining oxygen atom would take two hydrogen atoms to give 12 molecules of water.

When you combine carbon and oxygen atoms what kind of reaction do you get?

A simple example of the combining of carbon and oxygen would be the burning of coal.

Is carbon atoms and oxygen atoms a compound?

If they are not chemically bonded to one another in a compound such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, no, it would just be a mixture.

What type of bonding would occur between carbon hydrogen and oxygen atoms?

Due to their electronegativity the bonding would be covalent, or polar covalent.

What do you get when add the following atoms together one carbon and one oxygen?

Just 1 carbon and 1 oxygen would make Carbon Monoxide (CO).

What do the subscripts mean in C6H12O6?

6 Carbon atoms, 12 Hydrogen atoms, 6 Oxygen atoms. That would be glucose.

How many carbon atoms are H2O?

No carbon atoms are present in H2O; if there were a carbon atom in it, the formula would have to include the atomic symbol for carbon, C.

What is the number of atoms in CO?

If you are referring to Carbon monoxide, "CO" would have two atoms- one for carbon and one for oxygen because there are no subscripts or coefficients.

Is C6H12O11 an atom?

No. It would be a compound made up of atoms of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. A total of 29 atoms.

Can a molecule of oxygen have a atom of carbon in it?

Not in it, but bonded to it. In this case, you have carbon monoxide. Add another oxygen molecule and you have carbon dioxide. No, a molecule of Oygen would have the formula O2, and it contains two atoms of Oygen. If Carbon was also present then it would not be a molecule of Oxygen. It would be either Carbon monoxide (CO) or Carbon dioxide (CO2).

How many carbon atoms does C6H12O6 have?

Carbon - 6 Hydrogen - 12 Oxygen - 6 . If it was CHO12, Carbon would only be 1, also would be Hydrogen, but as for Oxygen, it would have 12, because the 12 is right next to it. I hope that helped you with this (:

A compound that contains one atom of carbon for every two atoms of oxygen has the formula is CO?

Such a substance would be CO2. This is carbon dioxide. CO would be carbon monoxide

Two atoms of oxygen plus one atom of carbon results into which compound?

The result would be the compound CO2 (Carbon Dioxide).

What would happen to water with no carbon?

There is no carbon in water. Water is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

If a carbohydrate molecule contained 6 carbon atoms what would it also contain?

it also contains 6 oxygen atoms and 12 or 14 hydrogen atoms.

How many atoms- in total- are in one carbon dioxide atom?

12************************2nd Opinion: You probably mean "in one molecule of carbon dioxide", CO2, andthe answer would be 3 atoms. One carbon atom and two oxygen atoms.

What effect would carbon atoms have on the hardness of the high steel carbon?

Carbon atoms would make High Carbon Steel harder as carbon atoms are bigger than iron atoms, which makes it harder for the atoms to move around.

What would have to the oxygen content in the air if photosynthesis were stop?

The oxygen content in air would have decreased. This is because photosynthesis is a process which keeps the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.

How many oxygen molecules are needed to make 10 carbon dioxide molecules?

There are two oxygen atoms in each molecule (hence the prefix di). Ten CO2 molecules would require twenty oxygen atoms

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