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What type of business Charles Schwab in and is it global?

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April 24, 2017 2:53AM

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Charles Schwab has been for many years a private wealth management service in trading and investments (brokerage firm) - they have also grown into banking with lending services for client needs. Other avenues of investments also include bonds, mutual funds, treasury notes, annuities and more.

Originally a national firm but have slowly emerged into limited foreign investments options in global finance sector. They also service in some capacities in retirement investments such as 401k funds and other other areas of future income growth for retirement savings.

Its ranking is still below the likes of Goldman Sachs in the global finance industry or as major investment manager in large global corporations or government economic commerce category but has been a stable for years in personal wealth finance for individuals of sufficient personal capital to expand wealth management and growth as well to small business or mid-size or regional business firms.