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First of all--WOW! What a great idea for a business.

For those of you reading this answer a Concierge is a French caretaker of apartments or a hotel. He lives on the premises and oversees people entering and leaving and handles mail and acts as janitor or porter. He is also known as a doorkeeper.

From what I understand, this is a popular business. A lot of young people are getting into it as well as a lot of retirees.

But to answer your question, if you are independent as a concierge (freelancing), yes, you will need a business license.

But what if you decide to start an agency providing this service to various locations? The answer is that you will need a business license for the company itself, federal tax id number and state tax id number because there are employees involved. You may even want to consider forming or corporation or even go as far as forming an LLC. There's all sorts of ways you can register your business, however.

The problem you may run into is the time it takes register, not to mention the hassle of red tape and bureaucratic do nothings who really don't care about your filing needs.

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What kind of business license do you need for a concierge?

You may not need a business license to be a concierge. However, I suggest you check with your city, county and state codes to determine whether or not this service is defined as 'a business' and if so, is a business license required. Optionally, you may save time by consulting with an attorney whose practice is focused upon business.

What kind of license and permit required to operate the business?

Business license and permit.

What license is required to manufacture toothpaste?

A business/manufacturing license.

What is a business license?

What is a business license? By definition a business license is a legal authorization in document form issued by municipal and/or state governments and required for business operations.

What kind of licenses is required for a web designer?

There are no license required to be a web designer. If you would like to start a business, you will need to get a business license.

What license is required?

For what? Occupation? Service? Business?

What is a noncommercial license?

A license to use something for personal use, not for business or profit.

Does a Tennessee handyman need a license?

To be a Tennessee handyman, a business license is required. A business title is also required. It would have to be a sole owner, an LLC, or a partnership..

Are taxi cab companies in westmoreland county Virginia required to have a business license?

Not only are they required to have a business license but they are also required to have a special commercial license in order to even accept money for a ride as well as special insurance.

Do I need a kennel license to run a dog boarding business in Kansas?

A kennel license is required if you business exceeds a certain number of dogs. Once you business begins boarding 4 or more dogs you will be required to obtain a license.

Do you have to have a license to sell ice cream?

Yes. A business license and a health inspection are required.

Do you need a business license to sell firewood by the side of the road in Florida?

Yes you do. You are required to get a business license even if you have an online business or an at home business in the state of Florida.

Handyman license Illinois?

To operate a handyman business in Illinois a handyman license is required. By registering the name and filling the appropriate business application, you will be able to get the license.

Is a front license plate required for your personal vehicle in Missouri?


Do you need a business license to sell online in the state of Florida?

Yes, you will need a business license to operate a business in Florida. You can start a business as an entrepreneur and report your earnings on your personal taxes.

Do you need a license to teach martial arts in caifornia?

There is no martial arts license required in California. However, to run a business will require a business license and meeting the appropriate health codes.

What permission and license are required to make business of biscuits product?

permission and licence required to make biscuits

Do you have to license your business?

Yes several licenses are required to own and operate a legitimate business in a civilized country

A government issued right to operate a business is a?

A business license. In most jurisdictions, in order to operate a business of any kind, you are required to obtain a business license from your local authority (commonly, the city or county government).

Do you need wedding car license?

Business of Wedding Cars in London does not require any particular license but the chauffeur license is required to drive a vehicle.

What is a tesol license and how can I attain one?

A tesol license is for the investigative industry. The license is required in order to get a job and operate the business. The industry is growing these days.

Do you have to have an license for ecommerce?

Generally the licenses and permits are the same as the ones required to start a regular business. All businesses are required to incorporate and/or obtain a business license, even if you're operating from your home. Your state's Division of Corporations will have specific information on what's required for your state.

What are the requirements to obtain a business license?

"The requirements to obtain a business license and/or permit varies from state to state as well as the type of business you wish to open. Generally, it requires you to provide personal information and proof of your ability to own such a business."

To be a concierge do you need a License?

No, it is simply the job of being the "guardian" of the building.

Do you need a license to be an event planner?

The event industry is unregulated so there is no special licensing required, except you will need a business license if you are starting your own event planner business.

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