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If you want a stocker,you could use cast iron heads with 1.94 intake/1.60 exhaust valves.For your camshaft,you could use 423"intake/446"exhaust...Nothing special.If you want a little more performance,something that will turn heads,a weekend racer,or to seek and destroy rice burners,step up to cast iron or aluminum 2.02 intake/1.60 exhaust heads.For your camshaft,you could use a 498"intake/498"exhaust rough idle roller camshaft,with roller lifters.For race/competition,you could use ported and polished aluminum heads with 2.08 intake/1.60 exhaust.For your camshaft,you could use a roller 544"intake/567" exhaust with roller lifters.You could go either way YOU want.Just trying to ballpark it for you.

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Q: What type of camshaft and heads will you be able to use on a 1988 350 040 with a 3.750 crank with rods clearanced to a 600 lift?
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