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The electrolytic capacitor is most often used in power supply circuits to filter the rectified AC.

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In this type of wave particles of the medium vibrate perpendicularly to the direction of the wave itself

A 5 ohm resistor a 10 ohm resistor and a 15 ohm resistor are connected in series to a 120 volt power source What is the amount of current flowing between the 5 ohm resistor and the 10 ohm resistor

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Q: What type of capacitor is often used in power-supply circuits to filter the rectified AC?
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Capacitor inductor circuit which smooth out rectified ac voltage are known as?

filter circuits

Can you replace a 25V 2200 microfarad capacitor with a 25v 180 microfarad?

No, if this is powersupply filter in audio amplifier hum will be deafening!

What is a filter capacitor?

Capacitor has many applications in electronics circuits, one of its application is in FILTERS. Mainly two types of Filters are formed with the help of capacitor namely, i)Low Pass Filter(LPF) ii)High Pass Filter(HPF) Impedance of capacitor is inversely propotional to the frequency, therefore a capacitor in series with resistor will act as Low Pass Filter. since all the high frequency are passed to ground.

What is the advantage of capacitor filter over inductor filter?

this is because capacitor filter is sparking in high voltage where as inductor filter will not sparking.

Why inductor use in series capacitor in parallel?

That depends on the type of circuit you are talking about. Sometimes both an inductor and capacitor are both in parallel with each other. This is called a tank circuit. Sometimes they are both used in series. These are both examples of resonant circuits. Sometimes the inductor can be in parallel with an applied voltage and the capacitor in series. This is a form of high pass filter. On the other hand, the inductor can be in series and the capacitor in parallel to for a low pass filter.

What is the purpose of a variable capacitor?

Capacitors are circuit devices for storing electric energy. Variable capacitors are mainly used in filter circuits and power supplies. They are used in a variety of appliances.

Output voltage of half wave rectifier without capacitor filter is less or more than rectifier with capacitor filter?


Why is a step down transformer used in Rectifier circuits?

A step down transformer is used in rectifier circuits so as to bring the rectified voltage to within a reasonable value of the desired output voltage. It is a design decision, based on a compromise between various aspects of the filter and/or regulator that might follow the rectifier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pi section filter over a shunt capacitor filter?

1.More output voltage compared to shunt capacitor filter. 2.Less No of ripples. 1.Higher cost relative to shunt capacitor filter. 2.Larger in size.

What is the difference between with capacitor rectifier and without capacitor rectifier?

To know the difference between capacitor and non capacitor rectifiers one must study what is the function of filter part.the filter part consists of capacitors or inductors or combination of both. the output of a simple diode rectifier is pulsating dc which means it consists of both dc part and ac part. filters are used to remove the ac part from such an output. capacitor filter means that a capacitor is used for filtering out the ac part. non capacitor or inductor filter means that an inductor is used for filtering out the ac part. There is another type called pii filter where both inductor and capacitor are used. Pii filter is the best kind of filter available

How could one obtain the low and high frequency of the amplifire?

A low bandpass filter and a separate high bandpass filter should give the results required. These are usually in the form of crossover networks commonly used in speaker design. For low frequencies an LRC network is used (inductor, resistor, capacitor) and in high frequencies a simple electrolytic bipolar capacitor can be used. In more elaborate systems these can be active circuits (powered) or passive circuits as I previously mentioned.

What effect does the series resistance of a capacitor used in a capacitor filter have on diode current and ripple voltage compared with an ideal capacitor of no resistance?

The effective resistance of the capacitor reduces the ripple current through the capacitor making it less effective in its function of smoothing the voltage. But if the capacitor filter is fed by a transformer and diodes, the resistance of the transformer exceeds that of the capacitor.

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