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What is the cell type for eubacteria?

the cell type is prokaryote.

Do eubacteria and archaebacteria have cell walls?

Most do, although there is a type of eubacteria that only has cell membrane and not walls.

What cell type is eubacteria?

It's an autotroph

What type of cell is found in the eubacteria kingdom?

prokaryote only

What is the cell type of eubacteria?

Because it has to have sexual intercouse with the strutcure

Does eubacteria have a cell wall?

Yes, eubacteria contain a cell wall. :]

Name 3 characteristics all eubacteria have?

Their cell type is Prokaryote, their cell structures are cell walls with peptidoglycans.

Does eubacteria have eukaryotic cell?

No, eubacteria are prokaryotes.

Characteristic of eubacteria?

Eubacteria are a type of bacteria found in the human body. They have strong cell walls and some are able to move around with flagella.

Carbohydrates found in cell wall of eubacteria?

The cell walls of eubacteria contain peptidoglycan.

What are the number of cells in eubacteria?

eubacteria only have 1 cell

How many species of eubacteria are there?

Eubacteria are a type of bacteria that possess a rigid cell wall and they may be motile or non-motile. It is not known exactly how many species of eubacteria exist, but it is thought that there are at least 5,000.

Contrast the cell wall composition of eubacteria and archaebacteria?

contrast the cell wall composition of eubacteria and archaebacteria

How many cells does eubacteria have?

Eubacteria is unicellular,which means that it has 1 cell.

Does a Eubacteria cell have a nucleus?


What are types of eubacteria?

Eubacteria are surrounded by cell walls which contain peptidoglycan, a carbohydrate.

What kingdom has cell walls made by peptidoglycan?

The Kingdom Eubacteria ^-^

Is an eubacteria hetertroph or autotroph?

eubacteria is prokaryotic cell.therefore it may have a well developed cellular organisation . whether it is a aututroph ir heterotroph depends on the presence of plastid in the cell of the bacteria . It may also depend on the type of eubacteria talking about.

Do eubacteria have lysosomes?

Eubacteria are type of prokariyotes.Lysosomes are only in eukariyotes

Does Eubacteria have cell walls?


What is the cell number of eubacteria?


Do eubacteria have cell walls?


What is the cell structure of eubacteria?


Does eubacteria have a cell wall or not?

no it dose not

Eubacteria and archaebacteria lack what cellular structure?

Eubacteria and Archaebacteria lack a cell nucleus and other cell structures called organelles.

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