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The only people able to answer this - is T-Mobile employees. However - if future devices are still in the 'planning stage' - they will be sworn to secrecy, so as to not give their competitors any advanced information in a very competitive market !

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Q: What type of cell phones will T-Mobile be marketing next?
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With so many of us opting for the next greatest cell phone, many of us turn those old cell phones into our carrier. These become refurbished and resold to the public. Some refurbished phones can perform quite well, but others fall short.

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I was unable to find any new product names. You can go to your local cell phone carrier store and ask them what will be coming out in the next few months.

Will a CDMA sim card work in a next g mobile phone?

There is no such thing as a CDMA SIM card, since CDMA phones do not use SIM cards.

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There are a number of benefits to prepaid cell phones. They provide a sense of control with no hidden, misrepresented or extra fees. The buyer is able to easily switch phones, companies or providers with no penalties and it doesn't matter if you talk a lot one month and then don't use a cell phone for the next three months.

How many cells are in a cell phone battery?

technically a cell phone has one battery in it so it has to have atleast one cell in the battery. but cell phones are called cellular because the signal are is like a group of cells grouped together. the signal simply moves from one cell to the next.

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You can try to sell your old cell phone. Whether someone will buy it is another matter. Cell phones have a very short shelf life. What was hot yesterday can be nearly obsolete tomorrow when the next-next thing hits the market. Because of the availability of new devices and the desire of consumers to have the latest and greatest, there's not much of a market for older models. Check out this site about selling your old phones and other electronics: There are lots of places that accept donations, refurbish the phones and give them to women who have been the victims of domestic violence, etc. Info about donating is here:

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This website, will show you a list as well as the available accessories for each one. You can also see a list of phones that are coming out within the next few months.

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Cell phones are like miniature walkie-talkies. Only they can transmit and receive at the same time. They don't have much power, so the cable companies have cell phone towers a few miles apart to pick up the signal on the cell phone. When the phone starts getting too far away from the cell tower, the phone starts receiving the next strongest signal from another tower.

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Prepaid cell phones and plans are a great way to start out if you've never had a cell phone before. They're also a wonderful option if you're looking to cut your monthly costs, but are willing to shell out a little more money for the phone itself. Prepaid cell phone companies don't always have the latest and greatest cell phones, but many of the prepaid cell phone companies are starting to sell cell phones that are above the basic standards. Also, as oppose to contract cell phone opportunities, if you decide to go with a prepaid cell phone plan and cannot afford to pay the next month's bill, you won't be turned over to a collections agency if you can't pay it for a little while. Prepaid cell phone plans are also optimal for people who have bad or limited credit histories.

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Cell phones and wireless routers. Computers are next. If you count microwaves or cars, then those are also used daily by many people.

What is adjacent cell?

The cell next to a cell.

The use of mobile phones has done more harm than good?

Cell phones are technological devices that are widely used all over the world. They act as great tools for communication during every day life and emergencies. Although cell phones may be argued to be hindrances in the class room, they are now helpful to class rooms and learning. For these reasons, cell phones do more good than harm.Cell phones make it easier for people to communicate with each other. In today’s day and age, communication is everything. People do not have the time to meet with every person they need to talk to. Being able to reach these people at any time makes cell phones convenient devices that are only helping people in their daily lives. Also, when parents are out with their children or their children are out by themselves, their parents can contact them at any time to ask where they are. If their child is lost, they can either call them, or use tracking devices on many cell phones nowadays to find them. My claim is supported by a study done by It states that 89% of online teens say the internet and other devices in their lives like cell phones, iPods, and digital cameras make their lives easier, while 71% of their parents agree. 5% of people think that cell phones are a bad thing.Another study done by states that 98% of parents of cell-owning teens say a major reason their child has the phone is that they can be in touchno matter where the teen is.Cell phones are good devices not only because they are helpful for communication and dangerous situations, but because they are helpful in classrooms. Liz Ritter Hall said that cell phones have the capability to become the “Swiss army knife” for student research and organization. In class rooms, cell phones can be “data collection tools…audio recorders, digital cameras, and digital camcorders.” All these new uses for cell phones in class rooms makes them very good educational devices. Students can do fast researching and answering with their cell phone devices. If cell phones can be useful and educational in class rooms, they are obviously helping and doing more good than they are harm.Cell phones act as excellent safety devices and are useful during emergencies for people of all ages. They can be used to contact parents and help when there are in unsafe or risky situations. According to an American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) poll, 56% of people over the age of 65 cite safety as a reason they have a cell phone. A majority of cell phone users (57%) who report that they have an annual household income of less than $30,000 say that they have cell phone service for safety and security reasons.Cell phones may be argued as distractions at school, however cell phones are now actually being used in classes for educational purposes, so they are helping education. Additionally, cell phones have been argued to be distractions on the road. However there are laws now that prevent cell phones from causing accidents and driving interferences. Although there is a slight environmental damage issue that cell phones have created, the problem is being quickly turned around by informing people about electronic recycling. And though cell phones have been found to cause brain damage, in order for brain damage to occur, cell phones must be used for heavy amounts of time for over many years. Additionally, cell phones must also be right next to the head in order for it to cause any damage.Although cell phones do have disadvantages, they also have benefits. They are important and convenient, making our lives much easier. For the reasons that we have stated, we prove our point that Cell phones do more good than harm.

When will Android phones come out for Verizon?

next month! propably with phones by MOTOROLA ... (Motorola Morrison, or Motorola Sholes)