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Physical changes, such as the change from ice to water to steam; the compound remains as H2O in all three states.

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energy causes motion wich causes change in the matter

Temperature. Temperature causes matter to change state.

Matter causes a change in state

Matter changes is to make a matter for example water to change form, and when it becomes steam it means you achieved a matter change.Everything has molecules that move so to change the matter you must make the molecules start moving in a different way. You achieved that with heat as you know heat has this property. Chemical change is to mix two chemicals that will form a new product with equal mass, and that's the chemical change ;o)

If by matter you mean molecules / atoms then no. Physical change is when the look / shape of something is changed but not its chemical structure, chemical change is when the molecules that make up the object n question are changed.

Friction among air molecules and other matter.

what are the difference amount of the 3 phase of matter? example of solid liquid and gas

Heat, energy and temperature.

Thys is a physical change: melting, boiling, sublimation, griding, etc.

the denseness of the molecules change(compact=solid, really far=gas, in the middle=liquid)

the state of matter changes from liquid to gas, so the molecules spread out.

heat, heat can change the state of matter therefore speeding up molecules.

Energy. When it came and when it leaves...

a solid is the state of matter in which the molecules are closely packed with each other and is rigid where as gas is the states of matter in which the molecules are loosely packed and is freely movable.

physical change is a change in matter in which no new substance is formed Chemical change is a change in matter in which new substance is formed

It causes matter to change by turning water into gas which is vaporization. water into ice and burning wood into ash.

The force of gravity; not the attraction of the Earth for all matter on it, but the same force that attracts all matter to all other matter.

No, evaporation causes a change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) which is a physical change

It causes matter to change by turning the water into gas which is vaporization, turning water into ice.

Scattering is an interaction of light with matter that causes light to change its energy, direction of motion, or both. so the plain answer is scattering the particles.

There are empty spaces between the particles of matter that are very large and that can be used to identify a substance because they never change.

No, electromagnetic waves do not need matter to travel. However, they can interact with matter and change accordingly.

The reactants are transformed in products of the chemical reaction - if you understand molecules by particles of matter.

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