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If you are looking at a Browning shotgun, the two asterisks indicat Modified Choke.

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Q: What type of choke has two asterisks but none of the hash marks next to it serial number R52781?
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What do the asterisks mean on shotgun barrels?

They probably denote what choke the barrel has.

What choke is the browning citori 12 gauge serial number 04505pv1b3?

There is no way to tell from the serial number.

When was Winchester model 12 serial number 96503 manufactured?

what does 120A choke mean-- I have no idea what you are talking about with this question about a choke

What size choke does the 12 gauge browning shot gun with the serial B6119 have?

You can't tell by the serial number. Go to for choke specifications.

Can steel shot be used in a model 12 Winchester with a serial number 898279 with a full choke?

Not recommended.

What is the choke on Ithaca Gun Co serial number 360878?

You can't tell choke by the sn. Look closely at the breech end of the barrels. There should be some markings on the flats or bottom.

What year is your Winchester model 12 16 GA mod choke serial number 461792?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 1912 pump action shotgun was made in the year 1926.

What is the value of a Remington 1100 12GA shotgun with serial number m582293v full choke ventilated rib?


How much is a 410-12 mm choke model 1915 shotgun serial number 82249 worth?

around 300.00

What is the value of a 410 pump shotgun Winchester 3 inch chamber with full choke serial number 114687?

Winchester firearms

What year is a Parker shotgun serial number 86501?

The gun was made in 1897. However, the Parker Gun Identification and Serialization book that list all Parker made guns by serial number gauge, quality choke, trigger arrangement & barrel length does not list this serial number. It jumps from 86204 to 86580. It skips the number 86501 & I have no explanation for that wide serial number jump.

What is the value is of Belgium made Browning 12 gauge light with choke and gold trigger with the serial number 05549PY211?

50-800 usd

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