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Mesoamerica has a tropical highland climate. Tropical highlands have lush vegetation and seasonal temperatures and precipitation. This means they exhibit distinct seasons.

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What is the climate of mesoamerica?

hot and sticky (:p

What kind of climate does most of mesoamerica have?

It has climate that is normal some part is rain

DEscribe the climate of mesoamerica?

It was hot and it had extreme periods of drought or surplus rain.

What two types of climate dominate the region of mesoamerica?

hot and wet and hot and dry

What did the cultures of the peoples of Mesoamerica have in common?

the culture of the people of Mesoamerica had the same type of cities and they also worshiped the same things.

What type of government did mesoamerica have?

3 different types of of society. Mayan, Aztecs, Incas.

What continent is Mesoamerica located on?

Mesoamerica is in North America.

What is the largest desert in ancient Mesoamerica?

Mesoamerica has no deserts.

What type of climate is Tanzania?

The type of climate is hot and humid

What type of climate does UK have?

I think it was a cooler type of climate but i dont remember the name of the climate

Did the Incas live in Mesoamerica?

as we know in history, the incas lived in mesoamerica, however, today we call it south America Technically they did not live in mesoamerica because mesoamerica is only from around Mexico to the top of south America so they were below mesoamerica

What type of climate is experienced in areas adjacent to sea?

The type of climate that is experienced in areas adjacent to the sea is the Mediterranean-type climate.

List of countries and their type of climate?

wat type of climate does kenya have

What type of climate does Calcutta India have?

What type of climate does Calcutta, India have?

Is Mexico in mesoamerica?

It is the other way around: Mesoamerica was IN Mexico.

What resources did the Maya get from the highlands and lowlands of mesoamerica?

They got a glass type stone in which they carved on:-D

What is the climate in the Taiga?

The type of climate that the Taiga have is a snow climate.

How can you use the calculation of the climate ratio to determine the climate type?

We can calculate the climate ratio to determine the climate type.if the climate ratio is less than 0.4 the climate type would be arid,if the climate ratio is between 0.4 to 0.8 climate ratio would be semirid ,if the climate ratio is between 0.8 to 1.2 climate type would be subhumid andif the climate ratio is greater than 1.2 climate type would be humid.The formula for climate ratio is p/Ep, wherep=precipitationEp=potential evapotranspiration.

What was the capital of Mesoamerica?

Tenochtitlan was the capital of Mesoamerica and the Aztec empire. Mesoamerica was an area that spanned from Central Mexico to Northern Costa Rica.

What type of climate do macaws live in?

what type of climate is in central and south america

WHY did they move to Mesoamerica?

They moved to Mesoamerica because of the fertile land and soil.

Similarities between interior mesoamerica and coastal mesoamerica?

mayonaise is an instrument

What is the climate in visayas?

type b climate

What is the climate type in Greece?

Mediterranean climate

What type of climate does Bangladesh have?

monsoon climate