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What type of clothes do Indians wear?


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indians,the girls wear safies and boys wear normal cloths like what we are wearing now in these days?


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breechclothes mantas moccasins headdresses

the Chinook men didnt wear any clothes. but the woman wore cedar bark skirts.

they wore clothes that were made of deer hides and other animals that they kilt

- Sari - Orhni - Kurtas - Lahenga - Shalwars

Sombreros and panchos dresses with floral designs

Indians wear saris and bells and men wear different clothes to women

All humans wear clothes, usually to protect from the weather or for modesty.

Their clothing depends on their income level, taste, occupation and location.

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the kids dont wear clothes the men and women wear deer skin

If they were allowed to wear traditional clothes, they wore things made out of what was around them. However, they may have been forced to wear European-style clothes once Seminole land was colonized and brought into the United States.

They wear the skins of animals.

They didn't wear much clothes at all.

Breechcloth and leggings was popular for Mohawk Indians. Their clothes needed to be comfortable so that they could hunt and gather.

The Oto Indians wore clothes they found (mostly) and made the clothes some of the times.

they did not wear clothes when they were competing

they don't wear clothes..........

they wore clothes with blue dye on them

They wore breech clothes

they wore shabby cloth

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